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Calories Burned Walking Heres What to Expect

Calories Burned Walking? Here's What to Expect

The calories burned walking are quite surprising. You could lose up to 1lb a week by adding this low-exercise routine to your weekly schedule!

With tons of different ways to lose weight, the amount of calories burned walking might surprise you.

Here’s what you can expect from this low impact exercise!

Although there’s no universal answer, the calories burned walking can help you trim a few pounds for the summer. The amount of calories you can shed while walking will depend mostly on your weight, pace, and the distance walked.


The general rule of thumb

The average adult is going to burn around 100 calories per mile walked. However, your weight and the distance you walk will affect this the most. For example, a 160lb person will burn about 85 calories per mile. At the same time, a 220lb person would lose over 110 calories per mile.

Use walking calculators for increased accuracy

Don't worry; we didn't pull those numbers out of thin air! You can use calorie calculators online to get an estimate for how many calories you're likely to burn. You can also find helpful charts and information to help you gauge how much you should be walking.


How much weight can you lose by walking alone?

The million-dollar question is: how much weight can you actually lose with walking alone? Assuming your diet stays the same, you can lose anywhere from ¼ a pound to a full pound of fat per week! However, these numbers are rough estimates and are based on walking at least five days per week.

What's the bare minimum to lose weight?

To start losing ¼ a pound of weight per week, you'll want to start walking a minimum of two miles per day, five days a week. With this distance, you'll lose anywhere between 700 to 1,200 calories each week.

You're not alone if calculating distance sounds like a headache. If you aren't sure about the distance, try incorporating an hour walk into your day, five days a week. You'll cover around three miles at an average pace. If your diet stays the same, you'll lose upward of 1,800 calories a week with this method!

Should you use a pedometer?

Using a pedometer or step counter is an excellent way to keep track of your walking sessions. As the saying goes, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

If you're willing to splurge, you can invest in fitness trackers like the Fitbit Inspire 2. Devices like the Inspire 2 are much more capable than a standard pedometer. These elegant wristwatches can track your steps in sleep and help you set goals.

Free mobile apps like Google Fit, Step Counter, and StepsApp make amazing alternatives and get you started immediately.


How to start walking daily

Even though walking is straightforward, it can be challenging to incorporate into your routine if you aren't already an avid exercise enthusiast. Luckily, there are simple ways to incorporate this low-impact exercise into your routine.

Start with three 10-minute walks a day: The best way to incorporate walking into your routine is by starting with three 10-minute walks a day. Alternatively, you can do one 30-minute session as well. With 30 minutes of walking a day, you can begin to shed calories and improve your cardiovascular health.

Make "excuses" to walk: Another easy way to start walking on a daily basis is by making "excuses." Instead of parking near the entrance of the store, try parking far away, so you have to walk a bit more. Consider walking to work or during your lunch break to increase your calories burned.

Bring a friend: If you're having a tough time sticking to a walking routine, consider inviting a friend. Having a friend to walk with is a great way to stay active and connected. If your friends can't meet up in person, you can always use Facetime or a direct phone call.

Walking is one of the best low-impact exercises for losing weight and increasing cardiovascular health. So, how many calories are burned walking? You can expect to burn around 100 calories per mile walked. If you start walking five days a week, you can lose upwards of 1lb per seven days!

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