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Weaves vs Wigs Whats the Difference

Weaves vs. Wigs: What's the Difference?

Weaves vs. Wigs: is one better than the other? Do wigs use fake hair? Can you shower with a weave? Find out everything you need to know and more!

The battle between weaves vs. wigs is alive and well!

Both of these hair solutions have advantages, disadvantages, and best use cases. So, which one is right for you?

It can be hard to tell which option is right for you when it comes to weaves vs. wigs. The choice mainly comes down to circumstance and preference. Here’s what you should know before making your next purchase!



You’re probably already familiar with wigs. Wigs are essentially head coverings made from synthetic, animal, or human hair. Wigs can make excellent hair solutions for those trying to cover their entire head. This type of hair solution can be used and removed daily, allowing you to experiment with different styles, lengths, colors, and more.


  • Wide array of styles, lengths, colors, and options
  • Lower price compared to weaves and extensions
  • Protects your natural hair from damage and exposure
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Professional work may or may not be necessary


  • You have to reinstall and uninstall wigs daily
  • You can’t sleep or shower with in a wig
  • It can appear unnatural in some cases
  • It can come loose because it’s not secured in place
  • It can potentially make your head feel hot or uncomfortable



Weaves are a bit different than wigs and require more maintenance. With this type of hair solution, natural or synthetic hairs are sewn into your previously braided hair. You can leave a weave sewn in for around two months, but you’ll need to have it professionally removed.


  • Different options, styles, lengths, and colors to choose from
  • It lasts up to two months after the initial install
  • Excellent for warmer climates and conditions
  • Won’t come loose or fall off
  • They can appear more natural because they’re sewn into your preexisting hair


  • It can be expensive to install, maintain, and remove
  • If installed improperly, it can lead to headaches, irritation, and hair loss
  • Not a viable option for those suffering from complete hair loss
  • Can develop an unpleasant smell when exposed to sweat
  • It needs to be washed regularly to avoid build-up, dirt, oil, etc.
  • Not suitable as a long-term solution, as your natural hair needs time to breathe


Weaves vs. wigs: who’s on top? Choosing between a weave or a wig mainly depends on your natural hair’s condition and your preference. These options can add volume, length, realistic styles, and a fresh look. However, wigs are better suited for enhanced hair loss or thinning. Weaves make an excellent choice if you’re looking to give your natural hair a break and want something more secure.

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