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6 Easy Ways You Can Prolong the Post-Massage Feeling

6 Easy Ways You Can Prolong the Post-Massage Feeling

Do you coo-chick-coo over every massage stroke of your PRO masseuse? Of course you want the post-massage sensation to last . . . Here are our tips!

Did you know you can prolong any cherishable post-massage feeling so the feel-good endorphins continue to make you feel giddy? The following simple, easy, and effective practices can have you deepen your relaxation way beyond the booked time of your appointment with a deft-handed MOBILESTYLES PRO.

Pinching pennies this month but crave a real treat? Sure, splurging on a massage might sound decadent to you when you’re trying to live frugally, but if you had the superpower of extending the feel-good post-massage sensation, you’d likelier say “yes” to such a wonderful gift to yourself. Hence, our tips below.

Don’t feel guilty having a PRO work out the kinks and knots of your body muscles, when you know you can extend the delightful post-massage feeling. Just book it already!

Guzzle water with relish (lots of it!)

You've heard it hundreds of times in your life before, but we avow the following advice: drink a good amount of mineral water after a massage. Not only will it rehydrate your body but also flush out waste products and toxins that harm your body. Ignore all alcohol and coffee beverages as these can limit your body's ability to properly hydrate.

​​Spare some time to relax

While an excuse to relax can always be drummed up by your internal whims and fancies, actually doing so after a massage is an excellent decision. Avoid strenuous or stressful activity — such as exercise or work — for the remainder of the day. Your skin and muscles have been given a veritable workout and require time to bounce back to its natural and normal state of being. Don’t worry, your gym isn't going anywhere!


Eat food

A good massage quickens your body's functions, like your digestive system and blood circulation. So by the time your massage session ends, you may feel hungry growls in your stomach! Bring a snack to eat following the expert massage. Proceed to eat lightly for the rest of the day, as big meals will make you feel lethargic.

Be attentive to your body’s reactions

Noticing your body's reaction to the massage can prepare you well for your next session. Did it have you tap into a previously undiscovered reservoir of energy? Book your next appointment in the morning so that this burst of energy lasts through the day. Did you feel sluggish after the completed session? Be sure you can take the rest of the day off so you can chill and relax.


Pour a bath

A hot steaming bath with luxuriant bath salts is always great for soothing the mind and body. We recommend Epsom bath salts for sore muscles — they promote good blood circulation and temper all aches. If a bath is impossible, a hot shower where you use a soft shower sponge works, too.

Explore your emotions

Massages work wonders for the overactive mind, as well as the stressed out body — they can truly rejuvenate your spirit. It's normal to release a range of emotive ideas and thoughts during or after a massage as your body unwinds. Embrace it, explore it, as a good cry can prove to be downright cathartic for yourself. It can ultimately pave the way for loving yourself more.


Act on your heart’s desire and book a massage appointment today with a PRO. The simple and easy activities you can do above can prolong the post-massage feeling so you’re feeling soft and pliable, instead of hard and tight.

Our 6 tips above are great and groovy for extending that yummy feel of euphoria, following your massage with one of our PROs. With just a few simple taps, you can instantly book your next massage session on our MOBILESTYLES App today!


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