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A Real PRO 6 Tips to Boost Your Concentration Skills

A Real PRO? 6 Tips to Boost Your Concentration Skills

You're a PRO. Allow us to fill you in on our favorite concentration skills tips so that you can fully be there for your clients — 100%.

Love the idea of dumping a lack of focus for good? In a world full of distractions, great concentration skills would give you that extra edge and advantage that would totally MAKE your business, rather than BREAK it due to a lack of focus. Whip your concentration skills into shape with our tips below.

Don't let another day go by with faint and feeble focus. Acute concentration skills are needed when you're in the midst of high-pressure situations with harried clients, or when you're dead-set on carrying out meaningful work that makes clients smile. Below, we feature 6 practices that disarm distractions in your day-to-day work.

Stand tall and proud as a PRO, opt for at least one of these practices below!

Schedule time for focus flexing

What you schedule in your calendar, gets done. Make sure to block your calendar when you know you'll be expected to peak-perform tasks in your work week. A good idea is to book some alone time, gather your thoughts, create your task list in the morning or evening, so you're continually checking in with yourself and tweaking the active control you presently have over your life.

Be offline more

Switch off notifications or download a tool that blocks content. We recommend the desktop application Freedom. To win your battles against a constant lack of focus, you must be willing to temporarily take down the tech giants of your life. After all, you can't always have the mental strength to always address concentration-zapping pop-ups on your own. Take time to delete unused apps on your smartphone and implement screen-time controls for your work-required social media apps. Give the code bypassing these digital firewalls to someone you trust, so that you remain faithful to your commitment to focus, focus, and then focus some more.


Lower the temps of your work room

A recent scientific study published by Scientific American had participants proofread an article. Half of them did so in a room set at 78°F while the other half worked in a room set to 66°F. The proofreaders in the cooler room found twice as many mistakes as their counterparts. The science backs it — cooler rooms boost concentration skills. So easy, anyone can do it — test out different room temperature settings today to create optimal working conditions.

Put on focus-boosting music

Stanford University scientists have studied how music affects the brain and concluded that brain areas stimulated by pleasant music boosted focus, prediction accuracy, and memory updates. Consider putting on light, unobtrusive music like epic and instrumental soundtracks to complement your work hours. It can give you a sense of purpose by influencing your emotions, super-positively! With the right music, you can be more in touch with your larger purpose in the world. Need help finding good focus music? Search Spotify's Focus genre or use the Focus@Will app.


Track your food’s influence on your brain function

Certain people swear by coffee in aiding their focus. Others get the unpleasant jitters right after drinking the drip stuff. Pay attention to how your body feels after you eat certain foods, and don't work on an empty stomach. Keep wholesome and healthy snacks in your desk drawer and stay well-hydrated with all-natural spring water. Consume foods identified by science to boost brain function so that you're always at your best during work performance hours.

Take breaks frequently!

If you have a driven sort of personality, you likely run out of battery power quickly. When you break off work, consider going for a walk, taking a cat nap, drinking caffeinated beverages, or meditating. These activities can clear and reset your mind, so that subsequent tasks requiring focus come easier to you. Breaks are wonderful and replenishing. After taking breaks frequently, you'll likely discover a new enthusiasm for your work as a MOBILESTYLES PRO.


Your concentration skills are like a muscle — flex it into shape and you'll become good enough to outperform your slower peers, easily! Stellar performance is what's expected of you when you work in a business that's uber-successful. Building and maintaining full focus will get you there.

Our tips for fully concentrating while on the job will save you during your most difficult days. Continue to use the MOBILESTYLES App to feast on delectable tips like the ones above! Our info is the dish.


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