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9 Fun Denim Alternative Pieces to Try Out

9 Fun Denim Alternative Pieces to Try Out

It’s back, back, back again, but this time in a different way. Here are 9 cool denim alternative items your closet desperately needs.

Where are all our denim alternative lovers at?

The early 2000s is calling, and they want their denim back! Do you remember Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera strutting around in denim outfits? Did you ever envision yourself as one of them? It’s okay — there’s no denim hate over here. The complete opposite, in fact! If you don’t have any qualms about this blue jean fabric, you need to check out these 9 fun denim alternative pieces.

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Edge up your spring/summer wardrobe with a killer denim vest. We recommend this Unique Bargains Sleeveless Button Closure Denim Washed Vest Jacket, which comes in a variety of colors, including blue, pink, green, black, and more. You can also get different textures and styles with other denim jackets from different brands.


We’re heading back to the early 2000s with this GUESS Noelle Denim Shoulder Bag. It’s chic and cute, ready for any lunch date. There are many other denim bags, as well, like backpacks, totes, crossbody, and more.



A simple yet chic way to incorporate alternative denim into your look is with earrings. While denim earrings are hard to find, you can find many one-of-a-kind ones on Etsy like these Denim Earrings by Urban Glitz By Vee. Denim earrings are also a great project for any crafters out there!


Calling all shoe lovers! You need to have at least one pair of denim kicks in your closet. And these Ann Taylor Embroidered Denim Ballet Flats are the perfect addition to any shoe collection. Denim shoes don’t stop here. Instead, you can find many different styles, including heels, boots, wedges, sandals, and more.



If you have a daring sense of fashion, you need to try denim chaps immediately! They’re the perfect alternative denim piece while still working as regular blue jeans. We recommend the Highway Leather Blue Pride Denim Chaps. Other fashion brands may have additional styles, as well.



We need to see a raise of hands. How many of you love bucket hats? How many of you love daisies? If you answered yes, look no further than the American Eagle Denim Daisy Bucket Hat. It’s a cute addition to any spring or summer outfit. However, denim hats don’t stop here. Instead, you can find many different ones, including baseball caps, sunhats, and more.


A cute denim alternative piece is a headband. It's a great accessory that doesn’t scream denim but still looks great with many outfits. We suggest this J.Crew Soft Twist Headband in Denim. However, just like the earrings, you can also craft or sew a denim headband yourself.


You may be thinking, “Denim jacket… what’s so different about that?” Well, we mean a styled denim jacket like this Fray Days Long Denim Jacket. It’s the perfect combination of a trench coat and a denim jacket. You also can get different styles in denim jackets, like fringed, frayed, bleached, bedazzled, embroidered, or even patched.



When we say denim bottoms, we’re not talking about your basic blue jeans. Instead, we’re talking about some unique denim pants or a cute, denim skirt. A popular jean trend is patchwork denim like the BB EXCLUSIVE Zeppelin Patchwork Denim Jeans. Other brands have this many different colored denim as well. If you’re not feeling jeans and want more of a cutesy, yet fun bottom, check out the Dolls Kill Indigo Daring Denim Pleated Skirt.

Which one of these denim alternative pieces would you buy? If we missed any of your favorite unique denim items, let us know! Shoot us a message on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so we can see how you style denim looks.


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