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Avoid a Nail Fiasco With a Travel Nail Kit

Avoid a Nail Fiasco With a Travel Nail Kit

Going on a road trip soon after getting your nails done? Touch up your nails while traveling with a travel nail kit.

Pack a travel nail kit with all the essentials.

It only takes one time. You’re away on a trip and you chip your nail polish — or worse, you break a nail. You didn’t bring anything to fix it and you have a big meeting tomorrow. What do you do? Too bad you didn’t pack a travel nail kit! Sure, you can order one online, but you can also create your own, which will ensure it has everything you need. Here are few pointers (no pun intended):

Keep your manicure and pedicure looking great while you’re away with a travel nail kit.

Use a makeup bag

It doesn’t need to be big — a small makeup bag is perfect for holding your nail kit’s contents. If the bottles break or spill, you won’t ruin anything else in your bag. You could even line the makeup kit with bubble wrap just to be on the safe side. The nail kit will have to go in your checked luggage if you’re flying, so make sure it’s secure.


Bring a few different polish colors

Bring a base coat and polish colors that will work for any occasion. The best choice while traveling are neutral shades, such as beige, tan, or light pink.

Don’t forget nail polish remover

Packing nail polish remover can be a bit of a pain. If you want to switch it up while away, nail polish remover pads work wonders!

Pack a couple emery boards

Is there a woman on Earth that doesn’t have an emery board (aka, for you young people: nail file) in her purse? Of course it’s recommended to keep an emery board in your purse as a “go-to,” but you should still pack two small emery boards in your travel nail kit, as well. They fit easily in the small makeup bag and will be a lifesaver when you inevitably break a nail.

Go ahead and put “packing a travel nail kit” at the top of your to-do list when you’re getting ready for your next trip. People will notice the care and attention you put into looking your best, and if you just so happen to be traveling for business, that subtle sign will go a long way!

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