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Get Ready With MOBILESTYLES Summer Makeup Routine

Get Ready With MOBILESTYLES: Summer Makeup Routine

Whether you have an event or just want to look your best at the next BBQ, let MOBILESTYLES help you with your summer makeup routine.

If you’re too busy, MOBILESTYLES App will help you create the perfect summer makeup routine.


Pop of neon color on your eyelids

This summer, we’re going to see a ton of neon colors around the eyes, and the brighter the better. My favorite way to wear a pop of color is to use a liquid liner. Blue or neon green makes the most impact and can really enhance your eye shape. Liquid liner can be difficult to apply yourself, but don’t worry! MOBILESTYLES beauty PROs can take care of that for you!


Dewy skin

We just want our skin to be so moisturized we look like a glazed donut, is that too much to ask? That’s the vibe all summer 2022. Whether you add more moisturizer, highlighter, or maybe a new serum to your summer routine, all will help you shine. Ask your MOBILESTYLES beauty professional how to achieve this look in a simple way.

Bronzed look with orange blush

It’s summertime, meaning we all want to look more sun-kissed and tan. The sun's UV rays can be harmful to your skin, so if you want to appear more tan without harming your skin, then bronzer and orange blush is the way to go.

Embellished eyes and skin with glitter

If glitter, sparkles, and jewels are your thing, you have to try an embellished eye look this summer. Adding glitter and crystals to your eyes is a fun way to enhance your overall look. Let your MOBILESTYLES PRO know your vision and they can help you achieve it.

Will you try any of these trends in your summer makeup routine? Let us know by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


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