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Senegalese Hair Twists What They Are and How To Prepare

Senegalese Hair Twists: What They Are and How To Prepare

The Senegalese hair twist is basically a type of braid, but it is much more exciting than if you were to actually just simply do braids.


Image by Jay Lee with Unsplash

The Senegalese hair twist is one of the hottest styles out there right now for untamable hair. The twisting braid makes your hair look like rope, giving your style that extra mile. In simple terms, this hair twist is basically a type of braid, but it is much more exciting than if you were to actually just simply do braids. It is also a lot more complicated and takes much more skill than your average three-piece do-up.

I personally think if you can pull off this look you should absolutely go for it because dang is it fly! This look also rocks because while of course, it makes you look good, it is also a good way to give your hair a chance to chill from your daily use of products and heat as it can last for a while.

As previously stated, this hairstyle lasts for quite some time, and I mean it can last up to a few months if you do it correctly. So, in order to prepare your locks for this, you must take steps that’ll not only keep your hair from drying out but will also end up benefiting in the long term. First, wash your hair thoroughly, scalp and all. Typically, you use a cleansing shampoo so your hair is free from product buildup. Next, use a protein-based wash in your hair to build strength. After this, you will do deep conditioning or a hair mask if you so please to ensure silkiness. Lastly, apply some leave-in conditioner, and you’re good to go!

It is a little more difficult than you’d expect to find a hairstylist that’ll do the Senegalese hair twist and do it well, so if you decide this is a look you want to try out, I highly recommend using Mobile Styles. This app will provide you with professional hairstylists who know how to handle this type of hairdo. The beauty of it all is that they’ll come to your office or house!


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