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A Look Back at Eyebrow Trends Through the Years

A Look Back at Eyebrow Trends Through the Years

Just like our hairstyles or clothing, eyebrow trends through the years have gone through insane changes over time.

Eyebrow trends through the years have been ever-changing.

It feels like every week has a brand new brow trend on social media. With new looks coming as fast as they go, it can be hard to remember some of the influence that many older styles have had on current trends throughout the years. Let's take a look at some of the most iconic eyebrow trends through the years to get an idea of just how much we change over time.

These iconic looks have shaped our current brows!



Hollywood had brought about the movie star, and with it came new fashion for the big screen. Think flapper girls, who had a thin, downward-arching brow. These brows were common in film because they highlighted expression and gave someone a more dramatic look.



The brows of the '30s were quite similar to the '20s, except they were much stronger and fuller. They were still penciled in, but now a bit thicker with a more prominent arch than those of the '20s, which gave a much bolder look.



During the war, women adopted the bold and fuller look of the '30s, but instead pushed for a much more natural look and shape. Gone were the days of heavy pencil lines!



Marilyn Monroe’s emergence had brought about a new sense of style. The bombshell-inspired look had many features, with brows now being more pointed, high-arched, and fuller.



Not long after, thin brows had their reemergence. Interestingly, the eyebrow became almost an afterthought in the 60s, not really being that big of a focus in overall style. The main look was usually a slim and arched brow for a neater look.



The '70s had a huge explosion of color, leaving the brows in the backseat again, similar to the '60s. Exaggerated eyelashes and eyeshadow ruled over the brow. They were thin and high-arched, allowing them to frame the face and become the foundation for the heavier and bolder eye makeup.



During the '80s we saw a huge turn-around for the brow — women were stepping away from tweezing and opting for all natural, fuller brows that were rocked by stars like Madonna!



One of the biggest turn-arounds yet, the full brow was soon out, and we were back to a low-arched, thin brow. Bushy brows were just not meant to be, it seems!



Moving even further away from full brows, we started to see the “barely there” trend. The '90s sported thin brows, but the '00s had women plucking their brows to a very thin line!



The over-plucking of the '00s left many women with permanent damage, which led to the revival of natural, fuller brows. We’ve also come a long way in using various techniques and products to create brow looks that suit every individuals face shape. The biggest trend nowadays is having the “brushed up” look via brow lamination.

These are some of the most influential eyebrow trends through the years that we believe will stand the test of time. We’re excited to see what the future holds for our brows! Tell us which brow trend is your favorite.


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