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Cosmetologist Outfits for the Most Fashionable Client Home Visits

Dress to Impress! Cosmetologist Outfits for the Most Fashionable Client Home Visits

The right cosmetologist outfits can "make" your business rather than "break" them. Elevate your biz with our favorite wardrobe recommendations!

Not sure what’s out there in terms of cosmetologist outfits? Read on!

Because you're in the business of making people more beautiful or handsome, you want to have a genuine style about you. However, expressing practicality to your clients should always be the bigger priority. We invite you to think of cosmetologist outfits that are clean-cut and professional-looking, but above all, practical, so you can be on the job without worrying about spoiling what you’re wearing.


As a PRO, you can certainly find clothes that are stylishly practical for your visits to client homes!

In your hunt for the right cosmetologist outfits, it’s important to think of the following.

Your brand identity

Because you want to have your cosmetologist name and business stand out when your client meets you in their home, it’s important to wear a certain color, style, fit and feel that suits your brand identity. The idea is to make a selection of these that befits your business cards, your website, your logo, motto, or just general personality.


Choices of garments

#1: Salon tunics

Easily purchasable at many beauty supply companies, both brick-and-mortar and online, these tunics feature large front pockets and are available in various lengths, from thigh to hip. What's wonderful about this design is that their short sleeves don't get in the way of your work and are usually fashioned out of water-resistant material that will have you overcoming appointment messes like a PRO. We recommend springing for salon tunics made out of nylon, as this makes the shirts very easy to maintain. Tunic styles include unisex mandarin collar, short sleeves, an asymmetrical cut with buttons down one side, and the classic button-front.

#2: Aprons

Aprons are a good, flexible choice for cosmetologists who seek to quickly switch from uniform to daywear, and vice versa. They are also wonderful to keep on-hand should your standard uniform get spoiled. Typically available in several different materials including polyurethane, nylon, and satin, cosmetologist aprons sport deep pockets and do not fail in getting you through your appointments as clean and dry as possible. They’re usually water-resistant, Teflon-treated, and stain-proof so on-the-job messes don't have you suffering a permanent frown.


#3: Vests

A salon vest has a similar functionality as an apron, but it’s typically shorter. Available in several materials and lengths, fully free unrestricted arm movement is what's to love about this species of garment.

#4: Pull-on pants

Pull-on pants are standard in the beauty services industry and typically come in black, white, or navy colors. Options include elasticated waist, bootleg, wide-leg, or slim leg design for ultimate comfortability, no matter your preference.

#5: Shoes

Comfortable shoes are an absolute must-have! Because you'll be on your feet all day, your on-the-job happiness highly depends on the shoe comfort factor. We highly recommend low heels or flats with proper arch supports and non-slip soles. Also, pick up gel inserts for your work shoes when you can. Check out these options for the best shoes to stand in all day!


Our primer on cosmetologist outfits above is good for those looking to break into the always in-demand beauty biz. With determination, you’ll find the right garment that satisfies the three Ps — presence, personality, and professionalism!

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