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How To Explain the Look You Want to Your Mobile Hair Colorist

How To Explain the Look You Want to Your Mobile Hair Colorist

We recommend trying some of these handy tips and tricks to help you easily communicate your goals to your mobile hair colorist during your next appointment.

Achieve desired results by using clear communication with your mobile hair colorist.

Check out our simple tips to ensure you get the hair color result you’re after!

If you’ve ever gone to your mobile hair colorist and found it hard to articulate what you want, this guide is for you.

Know what you want

Step one is knowing what you want. Seems obvious, right? But it’s super important to have a clear picture of the look you’re hoping to achieve before your appointment. If you’re not sure and haven’t prepared, it could be a recipe for disaster!

hair color

Be honest about your hair color history

We’ve all had at least one home hair color disaster. Don’t be embarrassed — your colorist has heard it all before! The more information you provide on recent colors or treatments, the easier it’ll be for them to tailor your color to your specific hair needs.

Bring examples

Visuals are always helpful to give your colorist a representation of what you have in mind. If you find it hard to communicate, a few pictures of something similar to what you’re looking for will help. Just don’t expect your colorist to replicate an image exactly, as all hair is beautifully unique!

Learn the lingo

If you really want to get on the same page as your colorist, do some more in-depth research into the terms of the trade so you can speak their language. Are you looking for balayage, ombré, highlights, or lowlights? Using industry-specific terms will make it much more likely that you’ll achieve the exact look you want.

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