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Top 12 Lessons Ive Learned in the Past 12 Months

Top 12 Lessons I've Learned in the Past 12 Months

Whether you consider 2018 “your year” or a year you’d “rather forget,” everything that has happened to you happened for a reason.


Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

I’m a naturally reflective person. I believe everything and every action has a purpose, meaning, or lesson. Whether you consider 2018 “your year” or a year you’d “rather forget,” everything that has happened to you happened for a reason. As the year comes to a close, I like to recount all the lessons I may have learned from either good or bad experiences. Here are 12 things I’ve learned in the past 12 months.

Don’t believe everything people tell you - even if they’re your friend

I never really doubt someone when they tell me information about themselves. But over the last 12 months, I discovered that blind trust can often hurt you in the long run. Take everything with a grain of salt until you truly trust, and know the person better.

Look at each ending as a new beginning

We’re so quick to be pessimistic when it comes to endings. Whether that be with a job or a relationship, it's time to change your paradigm. There's no room and time to wallow in self-pity. In 2018, I learned that an ending is the start of a beautiful beginning.

Self-love should ALWAYS come first

To quote RuPaul, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love anybody else?” He’s right. Love yourself first. Learn to be your own company and ENJOY it. Discover who you are as a person, what you want, and don't want.

It’s okay to “fail”

Don’t be afraid to fail. At the end of last year, I got fired from a job I hated. I was devastated at the failure, but through that failure, I was able to land a job I love. Keep trying after every failure, and you’ll find yourself and will end up where you need to be.

Being vulnerable is NOT a sign of weakness

Tell that person how you feel. Cry when you're hurt. Showing/Expressing vulnerability is a STRENGTH.

It’s okay to cut people off if it means bettering yourself

You don’t owe anyone anything. If someone is halting your grind, let them go.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to another person will only make you feel adequate. You’re your own person, and your journey is unique to you.

Be open to trying new things and meeting new people

Get out of your routine. Try a new cuisine or an activity that's out of the ordinary. Talk to people you normally wouldn’t. You might surprise yourself and learn something new.

Learn to forgive and let go

This one is easier said than done, but forgive anyone who may have done you wrong in the past. Release that power they have over you. Forgive that person - even if it’s yourself - learn from the experience, and let it go.

Find the motivation to be physically active

This year I learned to exercise. I don’t lift weights or go to a boot camp. I discovered yoga and fell in love. I may not be the healthiest person in the world, but at least I can do a push up now. Find something you enjoy and stick it. You owe it to yourself.

Don’t be in such a rush, enjoy the moment

We’re called the human race for a reason. We’re always in a hurry. I learned to slow down and appreciate moments, no matter how small. In the future, you’ll be thankful you took the time to truly treasure the moment as it was happening.

Be proud of your accomplishments

This one's self-explanatory, don’t belittle your accomplishments.


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