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Romantic Glamping is Camping in Style

Romantic Glamping is Camping… in Style

If you aren’t into roughing it, don’t worry — romantic glamping is the way to go.

Make plans for a romantic glamping trip this summer.

How many of us love the idea of camping? You’re immersed in the great outdoors, you’re enjoying the quiet of nature away from all the noise. What could go wrong? Wait! Where’s the mattress? Is there a bathroom? What am I going to do? Enter: glamping. It’s camping without the difficult tent; without the cold, hard ground; without the shower shoes; and there’s Wi-Fi connection. Glamping embraces the idea that the outdoors can be enjoyed without having to give up any of life’s civilized comforts. Here’s a list of romantic glamping touches that will make camping look like it’s for suckers.

Adding simple touches to your glamping trip makes all the difference.

Accent your festive space

Colorful pillows — and a lot of them — will make any glamping space more comfortable and inviting. Basically, glamping is all about comfort and the more pillows the better to make your sleeping space as cozy as can be. Plus, let’s face it — throw pillows are everything. They can make or break a space (especially outdoors).


Create mood lighting

Strings of lights, preferably LED, are a wonderful addition to a glamping ambiance. You may need to go for the battery-powered kind, so keep that in mind. Add candles for extra romance. For the path leading up to your glamping abode, add solar-powered lanterns or tiki torches.

Bring the tech and the telescope

Stream a movie on your iPad for the evening. There is no reason why you should go without your technology while you enjoy the great outdoors — there’s a reason drive-in movies are so appealing. Also, if you’re looking for more to do while glamping it up, bring a telescope to gaze at the night stars… in between gazes into the eyes of your beloved glamping companion, that is.

BYOW and classy s’mores

Whatever you do, don’t forget the wine! And if you really want to impress your romantic interest, set up a tray with compartments for graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate squares. Throw in a couple of decorative plates and napkins, and voilá! You’ve got yourself some fancy s’mores! But don’t stop there. Bring a charcuterie board and other finger food delights. Remember that you’re glamping, so you’ll want to make it easy, yet elegant.

That’s glamping in a nutshell. It’s all in what you make it. Now go online and start looking for romantic glamping sites near you.

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