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Lets Talk Body Confidence All Bodies are Summer Bodies

Let’s Talk Body Confidence: All Bodies are Summer Bodies!

Celebrate your body and boost your body confidence this summer with these re-framing techniques.

We’re discussing ways to boost your body confidence this season.

Rock your summer bod with pride!

Every year when the weather gets warmer, the phrase “summer body” gets thrown around, and we’re often bombarded with unrealistic images that only serve to fuel negative self-esteem. Let’s talk about some ways to combat that and re-frame our thinking, shifting the focus onto true body confidence, because all bodies deserve to be celebrated.


Try positive self-talk

Which parts of your body do you love? Start practicing ways to stop putting yourself down and instead talk to yourself like you would to a good friend. This can really help to boost your self-esteem levels over time. Take baby steps: aim for body neutrality and work up from there.

Wear outfits that make you feel good

All too often, we keep hold of articles of clothing thinking that one day we might wear them again. If you’ve had a piece in your wardrobe for years and never worn it because you don’t feel confident in it, maybe it’s time to donate it or pass it on to a friend. Having some go-to outfits and styles that make you feel amazing will skyrocket your confidence levels on the daily.

Surround yourself with positivity

It’s one thing to embrace positive self-talk, but if you’ve got people around you that speak negatively of others and reinforce your insecurities, think about how that might be impacting you. Either have a conversation with them and voice your concerns, or try to hang around like-minded, body-positive people who appreciate the importance of authenticity.

Get into the body confidence conversation and think about what it really means to have a summer body. You deserve to look and feel your best this summer, so why not book a mobile beauty treatment through the MOBILESTYLES App? Download now on the App Store or Google Play.


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