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How To Harness Your Masculinity for National Mens Health Month

How To Harness Your Masculinity for National Men’s Health Month

National Men’s Health Month is an excellent time to focus on your health, values, and what it means to be a man.

National Men’s Health Month is an excellent time to harness your masculinity and think about what it means to be a man.

Here’s how you can channel your inner strength and take control of the month.

National Men's Health Month encourages men to take control of their health through diet, exercise, and positive habits. The month also brings more awareness to preventable conditions that men and boys face all too often. Beyond that, this month is an excellent time to harness your masculinity and determine what it means to be a man you can respect.


Let's define our terms…

What even is masculinity? Nowadays, the lines between masculine and feminine energy are becoming more and more blurred. Is masculinity as simple as wearing blue and playing with dirt? No, masculinity is much deeper and more personal than that.

If you look up, "What is masculinity?" You'll see several answers from various sources giving you their interpretation of what it means to be a man. The only problem is that their experience is unlikely to be the same as yours.

What you consider masculine will differ from your brother, father, or coworker's beliefs. Unfortunately, a one-size-fits-all answer doesn't exist. If you need some help, consider traits like stoicism, leadership, independence, strength, and assertiveness.

Look inward

Masculinity is often associated with taking action (don't worry, we'll cover that too), while looking inward is frequently neglected. But there's a difference between rumination and analyzing yourself. Every action you take or wish to do starts from within. Take time to consider and connect to your inner world.

Is your inner world deep, broody, or immovable? Maybe you feel more feminine or sensitive on the inside. There’s no right or wrong answer. Use part of this month to look inward, identify your values, and determine what it means to be a man.


Find your power

Being a man and harnessing your masculinity requires identifying where you feel most powerful. Power, strength, and courage are common parts of masculinity; but if you can't locate these traits or where you feel them the most, how can you access them?

Does your power come from within? Maybe you feel the most powerful helping others and taking responsibility. Your strength might also come from the skills and information you've gained. Regardless, locating where you feel most powerful will allow you to harness your masculinity and live more aligned with your strength.

Accept responsibility

Responsibility and accountability are common masculine traits. These traits allow you to be a better leader and "rock" for your loved ones. Use National Men's Health Month to accept responsibility for your life, faults, strengths, and what it means to be a man.

Have you been neglecting your obligations lately? Maybe you found something concerning while looking inward that might require you to make a change. It could be your health, career, or even relationship. Or do you feel like being a man is incredibly challenging and the world is too cruel?

There are no right or wrong answers; but it's time to take responsibility for your life, health, what needs to be changed, and anything you've been avoiding.

Take a risk

Risk-taking is typically viewed as a masculine trait and is sometimes considered a bad thing. However, risks, challenges, and taking action might be the best parts of being a man. Use this month to take a risk — we don't mean something dangerous or unhealthy.

Start the business or project you've been planning for months. Ask out your crush, learn a new skill, or join a group. Risk-taking and being action-oriented are necessary components to achieving your dreams.


Set a goal

Most men can relate to the inexplicable drive toward success and achievement. Whether it comes from within or stems from a need for validation, something drives men to want more. Setting goals and creating an action plan are the first steps to finding success.

You can start as small as you need to: 10 push-ups, one healthy meal, or getting to bed before 1 a.m.. Utilize SMART goals, journals, planners, or other tools to help you on your path. Consider the result of what you want, and work backward to figure out the next steps.

Hopefully, you've taken your time and looked inward beforehand to ensure what you're after aligns with your values. Either way, setting a goal — no matter how big or small — will help you take action toward a brighter future.

Practice healthy habits

Finally, we have to bring awareness to the purpose behind National Men's Health Month. June encourages men to live healthy lives and seek medical treatment for preventable illnesses.

It's a good time to schedule a checkup if you haven't seen your doctor recently. Switch up your diet to include more fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. Be sure to take time to exercise, and build toward two and a half hours per week.

June is also an excellent time to connect with your male friends. Try planning a trip, hitting the gym, or simply getting lunch. Consider using some of your downtime to meditate and read.

Remember that you're standing on the shoulders of giants, and to look to masculine authors and literature. Books on masculine archetypes, stoicism, and discipline are great places to start.

National Men's Health Month brings awareness to preventable illnesses that many men suffer from. This month is also an excellent time to look inward, build healthy habits, and figure out what being a man is all about.

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