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The Power of the Celebrity Fashion Plate Decoded

The Power of the Celebrity Fashion Plate, Decoded

These celebrities always make a statement on the red carpet or just walking down the street

ESC: Fashion Plate, Kate Bosworth

Raymond Hall/GC Images

To say that Kate Bosworth killed the fashion game on The Long Road Home press tour would be an understatement.

Then again, did we expect anything less?

We're used to seeing the actress set the style standard, whether that's in a mint-green satin suit or an organza gown with matching bolero. Since her Blue Crush breakout, Kate has embodied a Hollywood fashion plate—her interpretation of trends, feminine styling and longstanding relationships with designers serving as style sustenance. And, yes, we've been gluttonous.

Her turns at fashion week and presence at luxury-brand-sponsored galas make us sometimes forget she's an actress and not an influencer or fashion editor. For some, her clothing credits grab more attention than her IMDB profile.  

That isn't to say other stars aren't fashionable. Every time Blake Lively hits the promo circuit, her outfit changes make headlines for days. Models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner will set a trend on one week, only to have said trend inundate the fast-fashion market on another. But there is also a cadre of celebrities whose star shines bright (and, therefore, stays relevant) because a certain fashion prowess fuels the fire.

What does it take to be a Hollywood fashion plate? Let's review the ingredients.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Jaime King

Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images


First and foremost, a fashion plate, like Jaime King, is a member of the Society of Style Savants. They meet at the Met Gala, CFDA Fashion Awards, boutique openings, runway show after-parties and, most importantly, the front row. During fashion weeks, they offer street-style photographers a decadent, multi-course meal of #OOTD after #OOTD. Not to mention, they are regularly dressed by the houses of Chanel, Dior and Balmain…even when there's no project to promote.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Jaime King

Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images


The actress may have gotten her start in White Chicks as a shallow Hamptons-bound heiress, but her off-screen wardrobe has much more depth. She's a staple at fashion shows, supporting both iconic designers, like Oscar de la Renta, and emerging ones, like Monse. And the way she mixes textures and proportions makes her one to follow on social media.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Jamie Chung

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images


A Hollywood fashion plate has one Gucci mule in the fashion elite circle and one among like-minded style bloggers and social media influencers. Like Jamie Chung, they might even have their own blog. Some fashion influencers even have more followers than some Hollywood stars, which is perhaps how fashion plates keep so relevant nowadays.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Jamie Chung

Gotham/GC Images


The Once Upon a Time star first fell into the spotlight as a reality star on the Real World. While she may have had a flair for the dramatics at one point, Jamie has a more casual sense of style. While she can rock a gown like any actress, Jamie excels in street style. That doesn't mean everything she wears is tight and revealing; her pieces are seemingly tailored to her body even when she's just in a sundress at a Revolve party or Coachella.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Yara Shahidi

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images


The best fashion plates make a statement with their look…even when it's simple. You will have some kind of reaction after you first spot their ensembles. Every piece is thought-out and every styling trick is intentional.

ESC: Yara Shahidi , Fashion Plate

Steve Zak Photography/FilmMagic


The Blackish star is an emerging powerhouse both as an actress and fashion plate. Now with her very own spin-off, Grown-ish, we'll be likely to see more interesting ensembles from this trendsetter.

ESC: Amal Clooney, Fashion Plate

Alessio Botticelli/GC Images


It doesn't matter what this fashion plate wears, the minute she steps out in public, there will be several style articles generated based off her ensemble. Why? Every flowing maxi dress, body-hugging gown and pencil skirt fits her like glove but also enhances her sophisticated demeanor. She wears the clothing; it does not wear her.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Amal Clooney

James Devaney/GC Images


Three words: long, white gloves. When George Clooney's better half walked the 2015 Golden Globes red carpet in a one-shoulder black gown, all anyone could talk about were the gloves gracing her hands and arms. While some said the accessories were dated, no one could deny how elegant she looked. While the humanitarian should be first recognized for her altruistic efforts, you can't deny how put-together she always looks in public.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Olivia Culpo

Gotham/GC Images


The fashion plate takes risks even if it is entirely out of their comfort zone. If someone says, "Try these red pants with thigh cutouts that almost look like chaps," you'll wear them with confidence.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Olivia Culpo

Christian Vierig/Getty Images


The former beauty queen may have gained famed as Nick Jonas' ex, but the influencer has also embedded herself among the high-fashion set, showing us that she doesn't follow trends, she makes them. Her penchant for wearing the unconventional has landed her several endorsement deals and even a spot on E!'s Total Models.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen

Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images


A Hollywood fashion plate stays true to his or her own aesthetic…even if it's the total opposite of mainstream trends. Their point of view is so strong that they can build a brand inspired by their everyday look.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen

Donato Sardella/Getty Images


The twins have come a long way since their Full House days. They have such strong perspectives that they were able to create successful fashion brands (The Row and Elizabeth and James) from it. They defined their own look, making it recognizable among even non-fashion enthusiasts. Loose clothing made with quality fabrication and a modern-boho flair? It must be an Olsen twin.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Celine Dion


This fashion plate knows how to reinvent themselves, even when their social status and reputation are already world famous. 

ESC: Celine Dion, Fashion Plate

Mehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto via Getty Images


Let's be clear: The "My Heart Will Go On" singer has always been an icon, but now with stylist Law Roach by her side, she's channeling a more daring, powerful aesthetic we've never seen before—and can't get enough of.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Kate Bosworth

Gotham/GC Images


Anyone who deserves a fashion plate title is consistent in their awe-inducing style, even if it changes throughout the years. Even when they are running errands in a T-shirt and jeans, they have styled the look in such a way that it inspires our own wardrobes. They don't have off days, and when they do, it looks five times better than us on our laziest days.

ESC: Fashion Plate, Kate Bosworth

Gotham/GC Images


From mint-green satin suits to marigold wool pants, Kate is always on the best-dressed list. She rarely misses the style mark, and that should be recognized. 

This Article Was Originally Published on Eonline


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