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Masculine Perfume A MOBILESTYLES Guide to Mens Fragrances

Masculine Perfume: A MOBILESTYLES Guide to Men’s Fragrances

MOBILESTYLES presents the definitive guide to masculine perfume to keep you smelling and feeling great!

Masculine perfume will enhance your confidence, aesthetic, and virility.

Choosing the correct scent that matches you and the occasion is a delicate skill that needs to be cultivated.

There are countless colognes on the market. You’ll find products ranging from woodsy scents for speakeasies, to clean citrus notes designed for Sunday brunch. This makes finding the best masculine perfume that fits your personality a challenge, regardless of age or status. Here’s the MOBILESTYLES guide to men’s fragrances to get you started.

What makes a scent masculine?

Fragrances are usually separated into feminine, masculine, and unisex categories. So, what exactly qualifies a scent as masculine? Masculine fragrances typically have piney, smokey, boozy, musky, and citrus notes. Colognes designed for men usually have a heavier emphasis on base notes, creating a more robust scent.

That’s not to say masculine fragrances can’t be sweet, floral, or powdery. There are plenty of great men’s colognes that utilize vanilla alongside tobacco, tonka, and woodsy notes.


Notes found in masculine scents

Generally speaking, men’s fragrances utilize traditional “masculine” things like the outdoors, pipe tobacco, and whiskey to cultivate a scent. Here are some of the notes you can expect in masculine perfumes:

Leather: Most fragrances with leather notes are designed with men in mind. Leather notes can create a “bad boy” vibe, as well as a more mature and wise aura.

Woods: You will come across woods and piney notes in several men’s scents. Many perfumes use woody ingredients as base notes. For example, you might come across Kingswood paired with pineapple and peppers. You’ll see sandalwood or cedarwood in citrus-dominant fragrances, as well.

Tobacco: Tobacco is another familiar note in masculine perfumes. Tobacco can create a darker, mature, and gentlemen-like effect, which can be excellent for older individuals and on certain occasions.


What to keep in mind when choosing a scent

Selecting the best fragrances that suit your personality or occasion will take some time. Perfumes often make a statement about who you are, for better or for worse. It’s also important to remember that a particular scent might interact with your body chemistry differently than it does with someone else. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • What’s your budget? You can find incredible scents ranging from $30 to well over $300. You’ll need to factor in price points, especially if you’re a newcomer or don’t have unlimited cash.
  • How often are you wearing cologne? Another question to consider is how often you plan to wear cologne. Do you need a daily driver for the office? Or are you looking for fragrances for special occasions? Either way, this will affect which products and how many you might purchase.
  • What’s your age? Unfortunately, some scents are designed for different age groups. Stronger, darker, and more robust scents are better for older men. Younger guys can excel with cleaner citrus notes.
  • What’s the occasion? The event is a critical consideration. You might not benefit from a powerful tobacco scent if you’re a male in his young 20s who works at an office. Alternatively, you might want something more floral and fun if you’re hitting the clubs on the weekend.


Masculine perfume recommendations

Don’t panic if you’re not sure where to start. Here are our MOBILESTYLES masculine perfume recommendations to give you a head start.

Starter scents

Starting with these scents is a great entry point If you’re just getting into colognes. These perfumes will provide you with a versatile and people-pleasing collection to start off on the right foot.

Nautica Voyage
Dolce & Gabbana: The One
Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gio

Office scents

Office scents are safer choices that aren’t as loud and powerful. They typically smell more fresh, floral, and powdery. The scents below are also excellent choices for the summer.

Calvin Klein Eternity EDP
Guerlain Hommemen Eau De Parfum
Men's L'Homme Prada

Citrus and fresh scents

Citrus and fresh scents are incredible for the summer months and younger men. These fragrances are bright, uplifting, and youthful.

Missoni Wave
Versace Man Eau Fresh
Shea Blue

Warm and spicy scents

Warmer, stronger, and spicier fragrances suit older men and colder climates. These scents will provide you with a deeper and more mature scent perfect for date night.

Lalique White in Black
Azzaro The Most Wanted
Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme

The MOBILESTYLES guide to masculine perfume will get you started on making a personal statement and smelling fantastic. It will take some time and effort to figure out which scents fit your personality and situation. But with this list, you can start off on the right foot and stand out amongst the crowd.

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