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An Open Etiquette Guide to Same-Sex Wedding Rings

An Open Etiquette Guide to Same-Sex Wedding Rings

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding same-sex wedding rings.

Got some burning questions about same-sex wedding rings? We’ve got the answers!

Accessible tips to ensure your nuptials run smoothly from the get-go!

Wedding bands are historically exchanged during the marriage ceremony to symbolize true commitment and never-ending love. So what are the rules when it comes to same-sex wedding rings? Let’s get into it!

Who proposes?

It’s more common in heterosexual relationships for the guy to pop the question, although there’s no reason it can’t be the other way around! So, how do you navigate proposals as a same-sex couple? The most important thing to ensure is that you’re on the same page. You don’t want to both be waiting endlessly for the question to arrive when neither of you has plans to ask it! And likewise, you certainly don’t want to assume you’ll be the one to get down on one knee if you haven’t discussed it first. Ultimately, the decision is one you’ll have to come to mutually.


What about engagement rings?

Before you go wedding band shopping, you’ll likely want to consider whether or not you’ll opt to purchase engagement rings, too. Again, this is a totally personal decision. Discuss with your beloved if either or both of you would like one, and go for it! There are no hard and fast rules here — if you like, you can even buy wedding rings beforehand and use them for your engagement and ceremony.

Where should rings be worn?

You’ve got a number of choices when it comes to where you choose to place your wedding band. You might want to take the “traditional” route and opt for the left-hand ring finger. Alternatively, any finger of your mutual choosing will do!

Should we get matching rings?

Being a same-sex couple doesn’t imply that you’ll necessarily want to purchase matching rings — it’s really a matter of personal taste. However, if a pair of rings feels right for you and your partner, there are so many options to choose from these days that you’re bound to find something you both love! If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this selection of stunning wedding rings for same-sex couples.

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