Pay attention to the extra virgin oil label — it’s the best for fiercely fabulous looks!

You’ve likely read it countless times on a label — refined, virgin, or extra virgin — but when you don’t know which from what, your cluelessness can cost you in the beauty department. It’s high time you educate yourself on what to look for and why, so that your skin, nails, and hair glow or shine by a mile, so long as you use drops of extra virgin oil.

Only one kind of oil can take your health and looks to the peak point!

What is extra virgin oil?

The modifiers “refined,” “virgin,” or “extra virgin” refer to the process manufacturers use when producing oils. Extra virgin oils are the least processed by food factory machines and keep to the highest note of flavor, nourishment, and fragrance of the three categories. (Refined oils have zero taste or fragrance of the food it hails from, while “virgin” keeps to moderate levels of flavor, nourishment, and fragrance.) Extra virgin oils entail the most expensive category.

Processing the oil to a point of refinement means cleaning it with chemicals and then heating it. By doing so, the shelf life of the food oil is prolonged, which plays to the interests of the food industry, but strips away some of the food oil’s benefits that enhance health and beauty in men and women everywhere. In this way, highly processed oils do not directly favor body health as much as virgin or extra virgin oils, though the highly refined oil is known to be excellent for cooking.