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Bold Belts Accessorize Your Waistline

Bold Belts: Accessorize Your Waistline!

Bold belts add a touch of glam to an otherwise mundane outfit.

If your outfits feel boring, try bold belts to spice things up.

Wear the belts that all your friends will “fall” in love with.

Are you looking for a way to glam up an outfit? Do you just need a little something extra with that blazer, those skinny jeans, or that crop top? We’re talking big. We’re talking bright. We’re talking bling. That’s right folks, we’re talking belts — bold belts, that is. This fall, it’s going to be belts that make the outfit. Let’s take a look at some of the trends you’ll want to “cinch” for that perfect fall style.

Is that a corset?

This large belt creates a silhouette that cinches the waistline and gives you the hourglass figure you’ve been dreaming of all summer. Choose this large belt in a brown or black, pair it over a long blazer or oversized blouse, and top off the outfit with a flowy skirt and metallic flats. Think Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” as she strolls the streets of Manhattan on a crisp, fall day.


Small, but flashy

If you need just a little something to spice up your outfit, perhaps a small belt in a bold color will do the trick. It won’t be the focus of the outfit, but it will still do its job of accessorizing your fall neutrals with a touch of color.


We’re hearing it will be “in” to accessorize with metallic golds and silvers this fall. You’ll want just a touch — not as a focal point. Perhaps you have metallic shoes, or as relevant as they are here, metallic belts. Pair your metallic belt with a neutral top and a dark skirt or pants. You won’t need to go too big with this belt since the bold color will do the talking for you.


Buckle bling

It’s all in the buckle, and if you’re looking to turn heads with a unique and stylish belt this fall, go with a statement piece buckle. These can range from large and bold to small jewelry pieces. They can be dainty and pretty or prominent and striking. Perhaps your buckle has meaning. Whatever the case, your buckle could be the topic of conversation, so make it good!

This fall, it will be important not to forget the power of bold belts when it comes to sprucing up an outfit. Big or tiny, the belt will be what makes the outfit when dressing for those crisp, fall days.

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