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Want Bigger Tips 3 Creatively Clever Ways to Earn Em

Want Bigger Tips? 3 Creatively Clever Ways to Earn ‘Em

Your wallet could do with extra fattening. Feed it bigger tips with these three kernels of advice we’ve gleaned from the gods of mighty money!

Bigger tips result when you flex your creative mojo, handily.

At a loss as to what to do to up your haul and yield of tips as a PRO? We’ve got your back! We’ve pondered the issue and rounded up three creative ideas that are certain to make your client love and appreciate you more — enough to land you bigger tips. Dig in below!

Because we want your tip cash pile to grow taller, we put on our thinking caps for real.

Clever Idea #1: Create a beauty magazine rental service with your regular clients

When you’re in the beauty biz, collecting beauty and gossip magazines go hand-in-hand with what you offer. As you visit homes as a PRO, your client may naturally expect to enjoy a gossip or beauty mag brought to her by you. It’s expected, and it’s a charming aspect of the industry. It’s simply part of the whole pampering experience to have clients occasionally read up on celebrities, models, and trendy hair and fashion trends that presently bejewel society.


In a bid to get further mileage out of the magazines you’ve collected for your mobile business, try offering a rental service of the same to your regular clients so that they can catch up on gossip and styling trends in their spare time. Not only will you generate extra cash, you will also collect major brownie points from your clients! Think about it: male and female clients will not only satisfy their appetite for high-quality, delectable magazines, but be happy to pay for access to the greater variety of magazines at your disposal.

Over time, you’ll find that these same clients may tip you more generously, as the extra service is a one-of-a-kind treat, as well as happily green and environmentally friendly. Not only this, the service will emphasize and deepen a relationship of trust between you and your clients, which augurs well for bigger and better tips down the line.

Clever Idea #2: Do a choreographed happy dance (or other) for the good tippers

If you’re useful with a small musical instrument, or know how to bust a choreographed move, occasionally treating your good tipping customers to a surprise treat of this kind, will not only generate smiles, but true appreciation for your singular, colorful personality.

Whether you sing an original tune, play a recorder or harmonica, recite a funny, witty mini-speech, or pull off a choreographed “happy” dance, because we live in the times of social media, which prizes gutsy spontaneity, today, customers are highly tolerant and more open-minded about such displays of affection for good tipping. It can truly tickle customers pink. (Keep it brief, however, as your clients might be busy!)

Of course, you must have taste prevail, so DO have your friends give you feedback on what they find to be funny, acceptable, and within the bounds of taste. If nothing is working, you can always record a child in a Halloween costume saying a big “thank you” in a funny way or even book a voice artist on Fiverr to prepare a recording that is guaranteed to make them laugh. Once you play it after receiving a good tip, presto! You’ll generate more positive spirits which lead to bigger and bigger tips in the future.


Clever Tip #3: Collect notes of appreciation

Ask for and collect notes of appreciation from your happiest of clients so that you can put them in a cellophane photo book to show off to new customers. Over time, you’ll collect some truly colorful notes — some even with illustrations or witty sayings — that can delight and entertain your future clients.

For their higher inspiration, take along your tablet and show them your Pinterest collection of simple drawings or funny sayings or quotes that you think would inspire them to create something truly memorable for yourself and new clients.

Once you have a solid, winsome collection, you can flash your colorful “feedback book” to future clients, which may impress them enough to tip you more generously when your appointment with them is over.

This is a borrowed notion of the restaurants and cafes who paste, frame, or pin up notes or pictures of appreciation on their walls. If it works for them, it can work for you! All it takes is making your feedback collection mobile!


The above tip-enriching techniques can work wonders for your biz as a mobile cosmetologist. Start raking in bigger tips today.

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