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The Secret to Thrift Shopping for National Thrift Shop Day

The Secret to Thrift Shopping for National Thrift Shop Day

Give back to those who give back, and support National Thrift Shop Day.

National Thrift Shop Day raises awareness for the stores that assist our most vulnerable.

Thrift stores provide needed items at affordable prices.

National Thrift Shop Day is always celebrated on August 17 in honor of the second-hand stores that not only provide many of us with some very unique and conversation-piece items for our households, but also provide affordable essentials for those in need. There are many great reasons to shop at thrift stores and many great ways to celebrate this special day. Here are our suggestions!

Donate time, money, or items

If you have something you know would come in handy to someone else, donate it to a thrift shop. Donating money to a local thrift shop could help keep them afloat, especially during these challenging times. If you can’t donate money, perhaps you could help with volunteering by going through the donated items and putting them out on the shelves.


Shop your local thrift stores

I like to call it treasure hunting, because treasures are exactly what you’ll find. Perhaps you’ll find someone’s favorite Christmas ornament! Shop your local thrift stores on National Thrift Shop Day and see what unique and special pieces you might find.

Why it is good to shop at thrift stores

  • It’s good for the environment: We all know how important recycling is for the environment. Shopping at thrift stores is a form of recycling, as well, since instead of throwing away those items, you are giving them new life to be used by someone else. Less waste in our landfills is always a good thing. We love sustainability!
  • It helps the community: Thrift stores are a source of employment for many people in need. Funds from stores like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and the Salvation Army go toward helping to provide housing, employment, and other services for our most vulnerable population. Supporting thrift stores is money well-spent.

On National Thrift Shop Day, we should take the time to recognize all that these stores do for our community. It’s a day to give back to the shops that are always giving back to us. Support your local thrift stores on August 17 and every day!

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