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Grey Beard Think Before You Dye

Grey Beard? Think Before You Dye!

A grey beard can be a sign of maturity or fading youth, but there’s a lot to keep in mind before grabbing a box of black dye.

Not all men are ready to embrace the grey beard look. Are you ready to dye your facial hair?

There’s a lot to keep in mind, whether you have a full Gandalf look, or a little salt and pepper.

A grey beard can signify sage-like wisdom, sophistication, and maturity; or it can be a sign of fading youth and spark insecurity. Either way, there's a lot to consider before grabbing a box of hair dye. Here's what you need to know.


Why you shouldn't dye your beard

There are several reasons why you might not want to dye your beard and instead keep a salt and pepper look.

  • It can be a sign of maturity: A well-groomed silver beard with a bit of salt and pepper can signify maturity. If you keep your beard tidy, it can help you look more distinguished and help you appear as an authority figure in your field.
  • It can be a sign of masculinity: Properly maintained facial hair can enhance your masculinity, especially with a bit of grey. Picture stars like Oscar Isaac or George Clooney. These men have aged, and so has their appearance, resulting in a more refined, masculine edge.
  • It's good to accept change: Everyone ages, but fighting against time might do more harm than good. Becoming a silver fox can help you step into a new role.

Why you should dye your beard

It's perfectly reasonable to dye your beard, regardless of age or situation. Here are some reasons that could influence your decision.

  • You don't like the salt and pepper look: You might not like the silver look or be comfortable with the change. You might feel less confident if you consider silver hairs as a sign that you're aging. Dyeing your beard can help you regain your youth and confidence.
  • You have a job interview: Unfortunately, interviewers may have a bias and might only be looking for younger applicants. You might want to dye your beard if you have a job interview or you’re switching roles.
  • You want a change of pace: You may be completely unbothered by silver hairs but simply want a change of pace. Dyeing your beard can spice up your look and give you a new sense of adventure. Who knows, you might even want to use colors like blue or green!


Things to keep in mind

Whether you're on the fence or ready to book an appointment, there's a lot to consider when dyeing your beard. First and foremost, you'll want to choose a process that won't damage your luscious mane. Some dyes can have harsh chemicals that cause brittle bears or irritated skin.

Consider the color and shade

Selecting the best color and shade for your facial hair is integral to the dyeing process. There are unique tonal variations to natural hair that can be difficult to achieve through hair dye. You can end up with an unnatural look if you don't find the right color that matches your beard and hair tones. A general rule of thumb is to use a dye that's a shade lighter than your natural beard color.

Consider your natural hair color

You'll want to consider your natural hair color when dyeing your beard. You should look for tones that enhance your natural features and resemble your natural color. It might be best to consult a professional hairstylist if you want a bold or dynamic color.

Consider the type of dye

The type of dye is another crucial consideration in dyeing your beard. Facial hair is more coarse and dry than the hair on your head, so it can be less absorbent. You might need to consult your hairstylist if you aim for a sleek and natural look.


Consider the method and application process

How much grey hair you have will determine how much hair dye you need. In some cases, you might need a touch-up instead of a complete dye application.

You'll want to go for a complete dyeing process if less than 50% of your beard is grey. You'll want to consider a more gradual touch-up process if you have more than 50% grey hairs. A more gradual process can create a distinguished salt-and-pepper style.

A few pointers to keep in mind

  • If you have deep, black hair, opt for a dark brown dye to prevent your skin from appearing pale. Black pigments can create an unnatural contrast if you aren't careful.
  • If your natural facial hair is blonde or white, avoid extremely dark dyes.
  • If your face is round, opt for dyes that will make your face appear more defined. Dark browns, black hues, and deeper shades can help by creating a shadow line on your face.
  • Lighter and pale skin benefits from brown or red shades, as they don't exaggerate the undertones of your face. These colors will provide a more organic tone.
  • As the saying goes, more is less. You can always add more color, but you can't take it away. It's best to err on the side of caution until you find what works for you.

There's a lot to consider when dyeing a grey beard, regardless if you're not ready to become a silver fox or you just want a change of pace. You'll need to consider the dye color, your natural hair, and the application process. It's best to consult a professional and take a conservative approach. You can figure out what works for you and adjust as needed.

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