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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With These Hispanic Heritage Traditions

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With These Hispanic Heritage Traditions

Celebrate the rich Latin culture with some unique Hispanic heritage traditions.

It’s a culturally rich month and a time to celebrate Hispanic heritage traditions.

There are many different ways to honor Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated from September 15 to October 15. With such a rich culture, filled with vibrant traditions, getting immersed in Latin customs for this special month will be a welcomed and energetic experience. Of all the Hispanic heritage traditions, we chose just a few to highlight during this celebratory month of Latin culture.

Some of the best ways to honor the Hispanic culture are by eating delicious food, enjoying the art scene, and getting immersed in the customs.

Celebrate with food and drinks

It is safe to say that some of the best dishes come from the Hispanic culture. If you love Mexican food, celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with authentic meals like tacos or burritos. And who doesn’t enjoy a traditional margarita or a Mexican bloody Mary? It’s important to mention the savory beers that come from the Hispanic community, as well. Dos Equis, anyone?


Ring in Mexico’s Independence Day

There are actually five Latin American countries that celebrate their Independence Day at the start of Hispanic Heritage Month: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. On September 16, Mexico observes their independence. This is a great day to learn the history of the countries and maybe even some Spanish words to recognize the uniqueness of their culture.

Visit a South American country

Support the tourism industry of the Hispanic community by booking a trip to visit one of these vibrant countries to see their traditions for yourself, in person. Immerse yourself in the rich cultures and traditions of South America, which arguably has some of the most beautiful sites to visit in the world. Whether it’s the beaches of Brazil, the Mayan ruins of Guatemala, or even the jungle of Bolivia, it is sure to be the trip of a lifetime. But, even if you can’t jet-set off to a South American country, you can certainly find plenty of destinations in the United States that celebrate Hispanic heritage. States like Florida, Arizona, and Texas — just to name a few — are rich in Hispanic traditions and sites.

Take in the art

The art scene in the Hispanic culture is full of life and energy. It’s hard not to jam out to a Latin beat while dancing the cha cha or mambo. The movements are contagious and the music is irresistible. But just like dancing to the lively Latin music, you’ll also be captivated by Hispanic paintings. Famous Hispanic artists include Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso. Let’s not leave out the unforgettable Hispanic movies that will leave you breathless, as well. Simply turn on the subtitles, if needed, for movies from directors like Alfonso Cuaron and Guillermo del Toro.

Learning all about Hispanic heritage traditions is a great way to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month; but celebrating this rich culture shouldn’t just be focused on one month. Year-round recognitions like supporting locally-owned Hispanic businesses and even donating to a charity that supports the Hispanic community are other ways to celebrate the Hispanic culture.

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