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Adopt a No-Knee Impact Workout for Less Stress on the Joints

Adopt a No-Knee Impact Workout for Less Stress on the Joints

If you have knee pain, you need a no-knee impact workout.

Knee pain is no joke. Make sure you practice a no-knee impact workout.

Knee pain is actually very common. Let’s face it — we use our knees a lot! Due to how prone the knee is to injury, it is important to start a no-knee impact workout. Your instinct will be to just not exercise the knee at all, but that is not always wise. There are certain types of exercises that can help alleviate knee pain and strengthen the joints to help prevent future pain and injury down the road.

Certain exercises help to alleviate knee pain and strengthen the joints.


Leg lifts

Lie down on the floor with your back flat. Keep your left leg straight and bend your right leg slightly at the knee, bringing your foot close to your body. Press your lower back toward the floor. Slowly lift your leg, without bending your knee, and keep your toes pointed toward the ceiling. Lift your left leg about 12 inches and hold for five seconds. Then slowly lower it back down. Switch sides.

Wall squats

This one is pretty easy and straightforward. Stand with your head, shoulders, back, and hips flat against the wall. Keep your feet about 24 inches from the wall and about a hip-width apart. Slide your back up and down against the wall until you are in a normal sitting position. Hold for five seconds and repeat.

Step exercises

Step exercises are a great way to strengthen your knees. Quite literally, it is just climbing steps. Use a sturdy platform no taller than six inches. Step on the stool with your right foot and allow your left foot to hang behind. Put your weight on your right foot and hold. Slowly lower your left foot and then follow with the right. Repeat.

After a workout, it is important to stretch. Some great stretches that strengthen the knees are toe touches, the quadricep stretch, and the hamstring stretch. For the quadricep stretch, lift one foot behind your body and grab your ankle with the hand, keeping your back straight and knees together. Pull your heel close to the buttocks. Hold and repeat. For the hamstring stretch, simply bend at the hips with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Extend your right leg out and allow the left to bend. Slowly lower your chest downward and hold. Repeat.
After practicing these exercises for a short period of time, you will notice your knees aren’t experiencing the same amount of pain as they once did. Always consult with a doctor before starting a no-knee impact workout routine or if you start experiencing pain.

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