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Power Up  Make Better Breakfast Month the Best Breakfast Month

Power Up – Make Better Breakfast Month the Best Breakfast Month!

The best breakfast month of the year is Better Breakfast Month.

The best breakfast month of the year is always celebrated in September.

As school starts and families are back to the daily grind, we need a pick-me-up to get us started on our busy days. What better way to boost energy than with a healthy breakfast? With September recognized as Better Breakfast Month, now, more than ever, is the time to get a good routine going, and that means a balanced breakfast. But, don’t just isolate this honorary month to September. Make every month the best breakfast month!

Power through everyday with a healthy breakfast.

The five food groups

Choosing what to eat can be stressful. When you go grocery shopping, try to choose items that represent all five food groups, including a fruit, vegetable, grain, protein, and dairy product. A balanced diet is a healthy diet!

Decisions, decisions

You might be the type that eats the same thing every day, or maybe you never eat the same exact thing twice. Here are some options to choose when stocking up your pantry with breakfast items: whole grain cereal, oatmeal, muffin mix, whole grain bread, maple syrup, whole grain English muffins, and nuts. For the refrigerator, consider yogurt, frozen fruit, milk, eggs, and frozen veggies.


A combo will do

With your pantry and fridge full of great breakfast choices, start combining the options for the best and most balanced start to your day. You can combine oatmeal and raisins or make an omelet with scrambled eggs and diced peppers. And, there’s always fresh yogurt topped with fruit.


Who says you have to eat breakfast items for breakfast? Maybe you are the leftover type. Try some leftover chicken in that omelet or maybe even a leftover taco. Why not try a little salad? If you aren’t really into breakfast, don’t be afraid to eat “non-breakfast” food items.

With a little creativity, you can find balance in your life when you take the time to eat a healthy breakfast. You’ll notice a difference in not only physical energy, but mental energy, as well. It’s September — the best breakfast month of the year!

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