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Superior Small Talk Tips Every Beauty Professional Needs

Superior Small Talk Tips Every Beauty Professional Needs

Want easy-to-follow small talk tips to make speaking to clients a breeze? We’ve got you covered.

These simple small talk tips will help you to maintain the flow of convo!

Get nattering like a natural.

Having the ability to engage a client in casual conversation is an integral part of being a successful beauty professional. Sometimes it comes naturally, but at other times it can feel forced, and even awkward. These simple small talk tips will refresh your conversational skills and help you to ensure that your clients feel comfortable and at ease at all times.

Know when to talk

This might not be the angle you were expecting, but something that often gets overlooked is the fact that some customers feel more comfortable without conversation. As much as it's true that many see their beauty appointments as a self-care therapy hybrid, there are also plenty of people who would prefer to sit in silence or read, for example.

Through experience, you may pick up on this type of energy, but if in doubt, just ask! Politely inquire as to whether your client would like a chat or not, and then you’ll know where you stand moving forward. And remember, those who don’t fancy chatting aren’t necessarily rude; they may just be introverted, or busy!


Conversation starters

Often, the foundation of a conversation with a client that wants to chat can be the trickiest part. For that reason, it’s a great idea to have a selection of go-to casual topics you can refer to if your mind goes blank. Remember to avoid anything too personal, or controversial topics such as religion or politics. Things like hobbies, pets, and weekend plans always work well!

Listen carefully

For many of those who see their beauty appointments as therapy, being listened to is often the most favorable option. Instead of putting pressure on yourself to keep coming up with new topics, give them time to speak, and yourself time to listen and concentrate on your work. You’ll find that many clients will happily chat away without requiring you to input a huge amount!

These straightforward small talk tips should help you to navigate the most challenging of exchanges effortlessly. If you also want to start getting a steady stream of new clients the easy way, download the MOBILESTYLES App today on the App Store or Google Play and be visible to a wealth of potential customers in your area!


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