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Should You Do Personal Style Services at a Clients Home

Should You Do Personal Style Services at a Client’s Home?

There are many reasons why personal style services at home would be desirable.

Clients may want personal style services at home, but do stylists want to offer it?

There was a time when at-home personal style services were the norm. Back in the 1970s, hairdressers visited the homes of large families with small children as a normal part of life. As time went by, it became less of a “thing” and almost unheard of for a while. Mobile styling companies popped up in recent years and the home visits resurfaced. These options are more convenient for many clients, especially those who are disabled or just extremely busy. The question is: Should you offer at-home visits? And, what should you consider when offering this service?

Here’s everything you need to know about offering home services.

Home services are convenient for those with accessibility limitations

We all want to look our best! For many people who cannot leave their home due to a disability or because of caring for small children or another adult in need of assistance, leaving to get a haircut may be an impossibility. For others, not being able to drive is an issue. Still there are others who live in rural areas where salons do not exist. However, the fact remains, most of us want to look our best. At-home styling services help in many different circumstances.


What services can be offered in the home?

When it comes to what services can be offered at home, that really depends on you and what you can logistically and successfully offer away from your existing salon space. It will certainly take quite a bit of planning on your part to make sure all the products and supplies are packed and ready to be used in the home. You’ll need to make sure your client has a good space for the services, including plugs and an accessible sink. Mobile services can easily offer hair color. Obviously haircuts are most popular, but some people may hire an at-home stylist for fixing their hair for a wedding or event, or even nail care and a variety of other spa services. It is really up to you on what you would like to offer.

Consider safety

Just like any service where you enter the home of someone you may or may not know, take precautions. Let someone else know where you’re going, as well as the expected time frame of the appointment. Take your phone with you inside the home. Wear a mask if you are concerned about catching COVID-19 or another virus. You can also have the client sign a waiver about the service electronically so that they know this is a legit business with checks and balances. It is your right to cancel the service at any time, either during the visit or before, if you feel the rules for your business are being violated. Also, have a set time limit. Make sure your client knows what time the service will be over. Another option is to only take clients who have been vetted or that have been recommended to you by another trusted individual.

Going to a stylist should be an enjoyable experience and having personal styling services at home should feel just as good as going to a real salon. And, don’t forget that the experience should be enjoyable for you as the PRO, too. If you are taking on some clients at their home and some in the salon, just make sure you budget in the time it takes to visit people outside of your salon. You’ll have to take into account the time it takes to travel there, so that will need to be reflected in your prices, as well. Access to at-home salon services can make a world of difference for many people. It is a great service to offer people, who, for a variety of reasons, can’t access in-person services.

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