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How to Love Your Single Life on Valentines Day

How to Love Your Single Life on Valentine’s Day!

This year, I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with me, myself, a few pals, and a bottle of wine... and I am thrilled.


Image by Annie Spratt with Unsplash

I have experienced just about every dating scenario that you can on Valentine’s Day. I have had a romantic dinner with a long-term boyfriend, I have gone on a date with someone I have been “seeing,” I have even been dumped on this so-called “day of love,” and lastly, I have experienced it as a single gal more times than not.

This year, I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with me, myself, a few pals, and a bottle of wine... and I am thrilled. So, if you are finding yourself feeling anxious or lost about the fact that you’re single this holiday, worry no more, for there are MANY reasons why and how you should love the fact that you’re on your own.

Now I am going to tell you the HOW portion of this because you already know why you should be loving your single life. Starting with treating yourself to a pampering session. Give yourself the gift of love by getting a massage or a facial, and showing yourself that you deserve time to relax. Plus, if you book this through the spectacular on-demand beauty app, Mobile Styles, you’ll be able to get this personal gift delivered right to your house!

Another way you should show you and your single life some love this Valentine’s Day is by having a get together with your closest friends. Now I truly mean closest, because I can promise you that you do not want someone showing up to your fun gathering, and complaining about how they wish they had a significant other. No offense, but no one wants to hear about it! At your gathering pop open a bottle of champagne, have some chocolate, and dance the night away to Ariana Grande’s new jam!

There are so many different options for HOW you should celebrate your single life on Valentine’s Day, but what you should absolutely remember is there are very few reasons WHY you shouldn’t love it... especially considering the world is your oyster (and you can write yourself love letters).


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