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What your pedicurist will never tell you

As a customer, there are some things that your pedicurist may not tell you, but are important to know.

Recall to speak up, take good care of your feet at home, and adhere to your pedicurist's foot health advice.

Man giving girlfriend pedicure in living room

Here are some things your pedicurist never tells you:

  1. You should never shave your legs right before a pedicure: Shaving can leave your skin irritated and vulnerable to infection, especially if you have any cuts or nicks.
  2. Ingrown toenails can be prevented: Wearing comfortable shoes that fit properly can help prevent ingrown toenails. Also, cutting your toenails straight across instead of rounding the corners can also prevent ingrown toenails.
  3. Don't forget to moisturize: Moisturizing your feet regularly can help prevent dry, cracked skin. Make sure to apply lotion to your feet every day, especially after taking a shower or bath.
  4. You can bring your own nail polish: If you have a specific nail polish color that you want to use, it's perfectly fine to bring it with you to your appointment.
  5. It's important to speak up: If something doesn't feel right during your pedicure, it's important to speak up and let your pedicurist know. They want you to be comfortable and happy with your experience.
  6. Your pedicurist is trained to spot potential foot problems: Your pedicurist is trained to spot potential foot problems such as fungal infections, corns, and calluses. If they notice any issues, they may recommend that you see a podiatrist for further treatment.
  7. It's important to maintain your pedicure at home: While a pedicure can make your feet look and feel great, it's important to maintain your foot health at home. This includes regular washing, moisturizing, and nail trimming.

By knowing these things that your pedicurist may not tell you, you can have a more enjoyable and healthy pedicure experience.


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