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Transform Your Living Room into a Romantic Getaway

Transform Your Living Room into a Romantic Getaway

If you love the idea of going to the spa when you are on vacation, why not bring the spa to you? Book a MOBILESTYLES PRO for your vacation massage!


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You’ve been dreaming of taking a romantic vacation somewhere tropical and beachy. Unfortunately, life sometimes has other plans. Maybe you can’t get the time off work or maybe it’s just not in your budget. If taking an exotic vacation doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in your near future, it’s time to think about creating your own amazing staycation at home! Transform your living room into the ultimate romantic destination with these easy tips.

First, you’ll want to set the tone by making your living room as inviting as a luxury hotel. You may want to take Marie Kondo’s lead and clean up a little. Clearing some of the clutter will spark some joy when you enter the room! Be sure to think about lighting which is very important for setting the romantic vibe of the space. Dim the lights and bring out the scented candles! Try a Voluspa candle, a brand which many hotels light in their lobbies. Perhaps, put on some sexy music for your own private dance party.


Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

If you love the idea of going to the spa when you are on vacation, why not bring the spa to you! With Mobile Styles, a fabulous massage therapist will be on the way to give you a relaxing couples massage. Set the tone with playing calm, serene music and add rose petals throughout the room.

Many people look forward to trying local cuisine when on a trip. Try something new and order in from a restaurant you’ve been meaning to visit, maybe even something inspired by a location you are hoping to visit one day. Make your order extra romantic with a delicious dessert that your partner will love!

When you make your date at home surprising and relaxing like an exotic vacation, your boyfriend or girlfriend is sure to appreciate the thoughtful treat.


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