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Who is More Tech Savvy Me or My Mom

Who is More Tech Savvy? Me or My Mom

We never want to admit it, but it turns out mothers know best, even when it comes to tech-related stuff. See what we mean here!

We live in a world of social media, and the latest in cool tech items and everyone is getting in on it. It’s not just for the youth anymore. I found myself bored out of my mind so I picked up my best friend from work and we decided to have a girls night in! Romantic comedies, popcorn, social media surfing, the whole bit! But what happens next changed everything.


We pulled up to my girlfriend’s house, she lives with her mother right now - just broke up with her boyfriend, to find her mom had turned the living area into a mom cave! No, I’m serious. There were massage therapists, facialists, nail technicians, and hair stylists. It was incredible. When my friend walked into the room she went straight to her mom and asked her what was going on. I mean, we called dibs on the living room for our own girl’s night in, and yet her mother beat us to the punch. I smiled and followed her in. It looked like the ultimate next level girl’s night, and I wanted in! I sat in the biggest comfortable chair and put my feet up, and right away I had someone come to work on my pedicure. My friend’s mom came back in, and I raved! When I asked her how she pulled it off, she simply replied, “Mobile Styles.” I said, “Huh, what do you know about Mobile Styles?” She said, “Enough to know that I can host an amazing girls night by using their app.” I laughed. My friend had no clue, but her mom was ahead of the game. She had assembled a glam squad that showed up to her door within an hour and hosted the most epic pampering party!

And so… we joined her mom’s party. It was better than what we had in store. When it comes to pampering yourself and your best girlfriends, my friend learned a valuable lesson that day -- Mothers know best.


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