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French Braids Galore With Mobile Styles Hair PROs

French Braids Galore With Mobile Styles Hair PROs

Braids are certainly a classic hairstyle that's popular around the world.


Photo Source: Pexels

Braids are certainly a classic hairstyle that's popular around the world. While there are several types of braids, French braids are one of the most sought-after styles. However, French braids are the most challenging braids, especially if you're doing it by yourself.

For those brave souls who are attempting to French braid your own hair, here is a step-by-step guide to follow.

  • Brush Your Hair: This removes all knots and tangles.

  • Divide the Hair at Your Hairline into Three Sections: Hold the right section in your right hand, the left section in your left hand, and the middle section between your thumb and forefinger of either hand.

  • Make the First Stitch: Cross the right section over the middle section, followed by the left section over the right section, which has now become the middle section.

  • Add Hair as You Go: With each new stitch, add more hair into the braid. This is what gives the French braid the woven look.

  • Repeat Stitches: Continue the back and forth, left and right process all the way down to the ends. Fasten the braids with elastic or hair bands.


Photo Source: Pexels

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