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Does the US Celebrate International Womens Day

Does the US Celebrate International Women’s Day?

March 8 is International Women's Day, but is it commemorated in the US as much it is in other countries?


Women across the globe have been lucky enough to celebrate Women’s Day every year on March 8th since its founding day in the year 1909. It was originally a day where women stood together to fight against unjust behavior and working conditions in the garment industry. But since then, it has evolved with the times. Women’s Day is now a day where we get to honor and thank the women in our lives for just how important they are. This day is unlike Mother’s day because it really shines a light on all women, whether you are a mother or not.

Internationally, Women’s Day is quite a celebration. But what about here in America? I must admit that until fairly recently, Women’s Day wasn’t given as much honor as you would see in another country. And that begs the question… Why? Some may see it as irrelevant especially since the entire month of March is Women’s history month. Doesn’t one day of over the top celebration at the beginning of the month seem a little like overkill? Well, the answer I’ve come up with is no. Women have come a long way and fought against, and are still fighting, impossible odds to get to where they are today and want to be in the future. And that is something to be celebrated!  

So how do we get the citizens of America to take this celebration of womanhood a little more serious? I’d say this movement is well on its way to being widely recognized for what it is and I am hopeful that it becomes a true celebration of how powerful and appreciated women are. And it all starts with women. Women have to band together to show America how far they have come as a unit and how far they will go together. Celebrating the women in their life with more than just flowers or a thank you card will start the movement of a true Women’s Day here in the States. Having events and social media outpouring of love for the women in this country will cause others to get involved and take notice of the women around them. Because when you think about it, women really have come along way in this world and what better way to show them that they matter and their stories matter.  That not only does their history matter, but their future does as well and we are here to celebrate it in the present!


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