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Zendaya hairstyles

Zendaya's hairstyles

Enter the enchanting world of Zendaya's hairstyles!

Discover the secrets behind her iconic looks, and get ready to steal the spotlight!

Ten most captivating Zendaya hairstyles

Zendaya's hairstyles testify to her versatility and fearless approach to beauty. From sleek bobs to glamorous updos, Zendaya effortlessly rocks a wide range of looks and captivates audiences with her ever-changing style. Let's dive into the top 10 hairstyles that have solidified Zendaya as a proper hair icon in fashion and beauty.


1. The Rounded Bob

A sleek twist on the classic bob, Zendaya's rounded bob exudes timeless elegance. With an even length all the way around and a soft curve at the ends, this style exudes sophistication with a modern twist.

2. Low ponytail with side part

Reminiscent of the elegance of the '60s, Zendaya's low ponytail with a side part is a timeless choice. The classic sophistication of this style complements Zendaya's signature brown locks with grace and poise.

Textured bun

3. Textured bun

Zendaya's textured bun embodies understated glamour. This sophisticated updo features an intricate texture that adds depth and dimension to the classic bun nestled at the nape of the neck.

4. Red Carpet Cornrows

Embracing braids with flair, Zendaya's red carpet cornrows are a striking choice for glamorous events. This unique braided hairstyle features intricate patterns and a bold allure.

5. Zendaya Box Braids

Spotted at the Critics' Choice Awards, Zendaya's box braids exude confidence and style. Divided into small sections and braided with precision, this hairstyle showcases Zendaya's bold fashion sense and individuality.

Textured bun

6. Barbie Curls

Inspired by the iconic Barbie doll, Zendaya's Barbie Curls ooze elegance and charm. With spiraling curls that cascade gracefully, this style captures the essence of timeless beauty with a modern twist.

7. Zendaya High Ponytail

Taking sophistication to new heights, Zendaya's high ponytail commands attention. Sitting elegantly on top of the head, this sleek style epitomizes effortless glamour with a touch of allure.

Textured bun

8. Sleek Top Knot

Zendaya's sleek top knot exudes contemporary chic. Paired with a statement gown, this polished hairstyle steals the spotlight at prestigious events and showcases Zendaya's fashion-forward sensibilities.

9. Zendaya Pixie Cut

Zendaya's pixie cut makes a bold statement on the red carpet. With its edgy appeal and modern flair, this hairstyle embodies Zendaya's fearless approach to fashion and beauty.

10. Blonde Curly

Zendaya's blonde curly hair is the epitome of effortless sophistication. With its striking blend of natural curls and blonde tones, this hairstyle exudes charm and confidence, setting Zendaya apart as a style icon.

Textured bun

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