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Millennials and the Booming On-Demand Economy

Millennials and the Booming On-Demand Economy!

Convenience is key, with many apps for on-demand services being created each year. Here's how millennials are contributing to the on-demand economy.


There is one language that every generation speaks and that is the language of convenience. Millennials seem to have cornered this notion and have taken things to a higher level. Food as with UberEats, ridesharing as with Lyft, everyday goods as with Amazon, and even beauty treatments as with Mobile Styles. This kind of service was unheard of decades ago, but it is now a way of life that most of us Millennials can’t live without. It is the epitome of the American way, instant gratification.

Millennials have been the driving force behind the development as well as the success of these apps. The convenience behind it all is second to none. So much so, that other generations are catching on rather quickly. This has paved the way for many brilliant minds to create their own products, market them to their audiences, and sell directly to the consumer. And customers can participate in all of this on-demand glory from the comfort of their home, their car, or even while away on vacation.

Not only is the on-demand industry beneficial to the consumer, but also to the entrepreneur. All you need to do to start a business and gain traction in this on-demand economy is to come up with a business idea, advertise on social media, connect, and sell! Take Mobile Styles for example. If you are a hairstylist, you can apply to be an on-demand hairstylist with their platform. Once you are accepted, you can post all about your hair styling tips, tricks, products, and creations on the website they give you as a professional. Place the link to your business on your social media, business cards, etc. and let the traffic come to you! Millennials have latched on to this key concept and taken full advantage of it.

With its popularity, this type of service also brings a wave of Millennial entrepreneurs and consumers. That alone says how powerful this particular generation is. Millennials, for the most part, have been to blame for this new wave. And with more and more Millennials jumping on the bandwagon, we may not only see an influx of mobile services, but I predict that more specialized services are to come. Thanks to the new on-demand economy!


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