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Men Summer Wedding Style Guide

Men's Summer Wedding Attire: Elevate Your Style

Men's Summer Wedding Style Guide

Are you ready to celebrate love and joy under the warm summer sun?

With wedding season fast approaching, it's time to ensure your wardrobe is as sassy as your dance moves. Finding the perfect ensemble for a summer wedding can be a delightful adventure filled with style and sophistication. Whether you're the groom, the best man, or a dapper guest, choosing the proper attire is essential to looking and feeling your best on this special day. Let's explore everything you need to know about men's summer wedding attire, from fabrics to accessories, so you can turn heads and make a lasting impression.

Embrace lightweight fabrics for summer elegance

Summer weddings call for attire that's not only stylish but also comfortable and breathable. Lightweight fabrics are your best friend for staying calm and looking sharp under the summer sun. Embrace the elegance of linen, cotton, and seersucker fabrics, which offer superior breathability and comfort while exuding effortless style. Explore the top fabrics for men's summer wedding attire and why they're the perfect choice for your big day.


Known for its light and airy texture, linen is a quintessential summer fabric that exudes casual sophistication. A linen suit in classic tones like beige or light grey is perfect for outdoor ceremonies and beachside celebrations. Its natural creases add charm and character to your ensemble, making it a timeless choice for summer weddings.

Men Summer Wedding Style


Cotton suits are versatile and comfortable, a staple of summer wedding attire. Choose a cotton-blend suit in a slim or tailored fit for a polished and modern look. With its smooth and breathable texture, cotton keeps you cool and stylish throughout the festivities, whether exchanging vows or hitting the dance floor.


Embrace the Southern charm of seersucker for a summer wedding look that's both stylish and distinctive. Known for its crinkled texture and lightweight feel, seersucker suits are perfect for warm-weather celebrations. Choose a seersucker suit in classic blue or grey stripes for a timeless and dapper ensemble that captures the essence of summer elegance.

Choosing the suitable fabric will keep you comfortable and stylish from the ceremony to the reception, allowing you to enjoy every moment of the celebration with confidence and ease.

Men Summer Wedding Style

Explore stylish silhouettes and colour palettes

Finding the perfect silhouette and colour palette is critical to creating a polished and sophisticated look for a summer wedding. From tailored suits to chic separates, there are endless options to match your style and the feel of the occasion. Let's explore the top silhouettes and colour palettes for men's summer wedding attire to ensure you make a stylish statement on this special day.

Tailored Suits

Nothing says timeless elegance like a well-tailored suit. Opt for a lightweight wool or cotton suit in classic colours like navy, grey or khaki for a sophisticated and versatile look. Tailored suits are perfect for formal or semi-formal summer weddings and have a sleek, polished silhouette that never goes out of style.

Chic separates

Embrace the versatility of chic separates for a modern and stylish summer wedding ensemble. Pair tailored pants in light colours like cream or tan with a crisp linen or cotton blazer for a sophisticated, relaxed look. Chic separates allow you to mix and match pieces to create a personalised ensemble that reflects your unique style.

From timeless tailoring to contemporary separates, choosing the fitting silhouette and colour palette will ensure you make a stylish statement on this special day.

Men Summer Wedding Style

Enhance your look with stylish accessories

Accessories are the finishing touch that transforms your summer wedding ensemble from stylish to sensational. From elegant ties to dapper pocket squares, the right accessories add personality and flair to your look, ensuring you stand out from the crowd with confidence and sophistication. Let's explore the top accessories for men's summer wedding attire and how they can elevate your ensemble.

Stylish ties

An elegant tie is the cornerstone of any stylish ensemble. To add personality to your look, opt for lightweight silk or cotton ties in bold colors or subtle patterns. Whether you prefer classic stripes, bold florals, or timeless solids, the right tie completes your ensemble with style and sophistication.

Dapper pocket squares

Finish off your suit jacket with a dapper pocket square for sophistication and elegance. Choose pocket squares in complementary colours or patterns to coordinate with your tie or shirt, adding visual interest and dimension to your ensemble. Whether neatly folded or casually tousled, a pocket square adds a touch of charm and personality to your summer wedding attire.

With the right accessories, your summer wedding ensemble can become stylish and eye-catching, ensuring you make an unforgettable impression on this special day.

Men Summer Wedding Style

Top 5 Men's Summer Wedding Attire Options

Choosing the perfect attire is paramount to celebrating love and joy at summer weddings. We've curated a list of the top options to ensure you look dashing and feel confident on this special day. From classic suits to chic separates, these options exude sophistication and style, making you the epitome of elegance.

Indochino - Essential Light Grey Linen Suit

Crafted from breathable linen, this light grey suit from Indochino offers timeless elegance with a modern twist. Its tailored fit and lightweight construction makes it ideal for summer weddings, ensuring you stay cool and stylish throughout the festivities.

J.Crew - Ludlow Slim-Fit Suit Jacket in Irish Linen

J.Crew's Ludlow Slim-Fit Suit Jacket is crafted from premium Irish linen for a sleek and sophisticated look for summer weddings. Its slim-fit silhouette and crisp design make it a versatile choice for formal or semi-formal occasions.

Men Summer Wedding Style

Bonobos - Stretch-washed chino suit

Embrace relaxed elegance with the stretch-washed chino suit from Bonobos. Crafted from soft and breathable cotton, this chino suit offers a relaxed yet sophisticated look perfect for outdoor or casual summer weddings.

Brooks Brothers - Seersucker Regent Fit Suit

Add a touch of Southern charm to your summer wedding ensemble with the Brooks Brothers Seersucker Regent Fit Suit. Its classic seersucker fabric and tailored fit exude timeless style and sophistication, making it a standout choice for warm-weather celebrations.

SuitSupply - Lazio Light Blue Plain Suit

Elevate your summer wedding look with the Lazio Light Blue Plain Suit from SuitSupply. Crafted from premium wool, this light blue suit offers a contemporary twist on classic elegance, ensuring you make a stylish statement on this special day.

Men Summer Wedding Style

Bottom Line

As you prepare to celebrate love and joy at a summer wedding, it's essential to ensure that your attire reflects the elegance and charm of the occasion. From lightweight fabrics to stylish accessories, every ensemble element should exude sophistication and style, allowing you to shine confidently and gracefully. At MOBILESTYLES, we understand the importance of looking and feeling your best on special occasions. Our talented beauty professionals are here to help you achieve your desired look quickly and conveniently, ensuring you make a lasting impression on this memorable day.

With our on-demand beauty services, you can relax and enjoy the festivities, knowing you're in expert hands. From grooming and hairstyling to skincare and makeup, we offer a wide range of services to help you look and feel your best for any occasion. So whether you're the groom, best man or a dashing guest, let MOBILESTYLES help you make a stylish statement at summer weddings with our beauty services tailored to your needs. Please book your appointment today, and let us help you look and feel your best on this special day!


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