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How to Look Amazing on any Cinco de Mayo Event

How to Look Amazing on any Cinco de Mayo Event

It's Cinco de Mayo, and you need to enjoy it responsibly and with style! Here's how MOBILESTYLES can help style you for the celebration.


Photo: Victor Garcia via Unsplash

Cinco De Mayo is coming up soon, and that means you’ll want to look your best on this day. Nevertheless, whether you’re attending some extravagant event or seeking a simple night out, looking your best can be quite a challenge. In case you don’t have an outfit ready for the day, some popular options include an embroidered blouse or tunic, bandana scarves, dress, and sandals. Anything with ruffles and sweet eyelets will do, and whatever attire you choose, make sure to wear bright and festive colors that pertain to the event. Now that you have an outfit ready, the next part includes your hair, makeup, and other essentials. Here’s what can help.

Let Mobile Styles Help You

Mobile Styles is an on-demand app that brings health and beauty professionals to your door anytime, anywhere. That means you can be at home or at work minding your business one minute, then the next, you can book a session with a professional when the need arises. Mobile Styles offers all the services and amenities you can find at your favorite salon. The registration process is simple, as is the booking process, at the end of the day, you have control over every aspect of your beauty.

Think about it. It’s Cinco De Mayo, and, unfortunately, you haven’t had the time to prepare because of your busy schedule. That, or you just can’t figure out what to wear or how to style your hair. Hey, totally understandable, everyone has those days. Still, the hours are counting down at a rapid pace, and this only makes you stress out all the more. Usually, you’d throw in the towel and just wear whatever you can, this makes for a dissatisfied you, and makes it incredibly difficult for you to enjoy the night. Not fun.


Photo: Sydney Rae via Unsplash

Thankfully, you can avoid this all too familiar scenario with Mobile Styles. Unsure of how to style your hair or do your makeup? Let a professional help you. With just a few clicks on your phone, your savior will be at your door within a relatively short amount of time. Nails, makeup, hair, heck, if you’re ever in need of a massage, Mobile Styles offers that. Women aren’t the only ones this app caters to, men have all the services they can find at their favorite barber too.

Whatever event that’s in store for you on Cinco De Mayo, you can be sure to look amazing with a little help from Mobile Styles. Plus, should a beauty crisis strike from nowhere, now you know what app to go to.


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