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8 Ways to Stay Hydrated During Summer

8 Ways to Stay Hydrated During Summer

Summertime is full of sun exposure and it's important to stay hydrated! We're giving you 8 incredible tips for staying hydrated this summer.


Photo via Unsplash

The summer is here, and that means the days are getting longer and hotter! Soaking up the sun may be a summer essential, but all the heat can lead to dehydration. It’s important to stay hydrated all year long, but in the summer, with the intense heat, it’s vital to maintain your hydration. Especially since we lose more fluids due to sweat.

Besides drinking water, here are eight ways to stay hydrated all summer long!

Skip the dehydrating fluids.

Sure, I’ll have a soda!

A black, iced coffee, please!

One more glass of wine, right ladies?!

All of the above drinks are delicious, and fine in moderation, but did you know that not all drinks are hydrating? Soda and coffee contain caffeine that actually dehydrates the body, rather than replace it. So if you’re in the summer sun, I’d recommend sticking to water.

Add flavor to your water.

Water is great, but sometimes you crave a twist to spice up the flavor. To ensure that water never gets boring, I recommend adding lemon, fruit, or even mint to add variety. Not only will you stay hydrated, but you’ll enjoy a tasty treat.

Consume food with high water content.

Get your hydration through your food! There are a lot of great tasting snacks that contain water to keep you hydrated all summer long. Watermelon, celery, cherries, strawberries, and a bunch of others will all help to keep you hydrated.

Drink even if you aren’t thirsty.

If you’re thirsty, that’s probably a sign that you’re already dehydrated! Drink water before you’re thirsty to prevent dehydration.

Buy a cute, reusable water bottle.

Buy a fun, reusable water bottle to take on the go. With this, you’ll always have water with you as a reminder.


Photo via unsplash

Consider a drink packed with electrolytes.

If you find that you’re getting dehydrated in the summer sun, take sports drinks with electrolytes. In some cases, it can be more hydrating than water.

When exercising, take water breaks.

Planning a physical, summer activity? Take water breaks to ensure hydration!

Drink a glass as soon as you get up.

Having a glass of water as soon as you get up will help hydrate you, and get you ready for the day.


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