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7 Meaningful Tattoos for Girls Craving Some Ink

7 Meaningful Tattoos for Girls Craving Some Ink

We understand the desire to only have meaningful tattoos on your body. So, we've come up with some ideas for your next ink sesh.


I saw a woman today with the most beautiful tattoo. She had four colorful elephants connected from tail to trunk, one following after the other. I told her it was a beautiful tattoo, and that my grandmother loves elephants. She then told me that her mother loves elephants, and each of the four represented her mother, herself, and her two daughters. At that moment, I thought about how special it was for her to be able to pay homage to her family. I also thought it would be really nice to be able to get a tattoo that means something to you. Here are a few ideas you can use!

  1. “This too shall pass”

Getting a meaningful quote is a good way to remind yourself of something you may have forgotten along the way. I could be a very personal saying, famous words from a public figure, or lyrics to a song a loved one used to sing to you when you were a baby. It’s a very personal message so take it a step further and get the writing in your loved one’s handwriting.

  1. A symbol of something significant in your life

A hummingbird, a key, or the moon and stars can symbolize a special event or right of passage for you. It could be the day when you finally accepted yourself or something that reminds you of a loved one. If you just don’t have the words to say it, say it with a symbol.

  1. Roman numerals

This idea is actually quite artistic. Getting roman numerals to mark an important date, your lucky number, or the number of family members is a cute idea. The font you get also adds to the drama of it. If you have a soft side, you may want to opt for a delicate font in a cursive font. If you want something a little stronger the opt for a stronger font. You can even intertwine the two ideas by getting a roman numeral and wrapping a rose and stem around the number.


  1. Infinity symbol

The infinity symbol has inspired a lot of popular tattoos. The symbol of abundance and eternity can be incorporated into another one of your favorite things. Like a flower with a stem twisted into the infinity symbol or a heart-shaped infinity symbol.

  1. The arrow

The arrow signifies “courage moving forward” or “protection from harm.” Both of these things are very meaningful because we have all been through something that has tested us in our lives. This just reminds us that we will survive and come out better than before.


  1. Lotus flower

The Lotus flower signifies growing. It also has a spiritual meaning. It means purity of speech, body, and mind, in the Buddhist sense. This flower blooms into a beautiful flower from a murky and muddied pond. It represents coming out of the fire of a bad situation or circumstance and emerging more beautiful than ever.

  1. A single rose    image

“I love you.” That is what a single red rose means. This tattoo can mean anything you want it to. It can be an outward expression to yourself or another. It can also have a poetic meaning, “a rose by any other name…” as it relates to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This is the ultimate tattoo for the hopeless romantic.

There are so many ideas you can consider to get the perfect tattoo for you. These ideas are great places to start you could even mix a few ideas to get the perfect tattoo for you.


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