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The Hottest Jewelry for Summer

The Hottest Jewelry for Summer

This year, jewelry is taking over the accessory market. Every day there are new styles that we see online, they're breathtaking!


Initial Necklace in Gold Filled from WantedGem Etsy Shop

Jewelry has always played a big role in the fashion industry for the past years. Chokers, Maxi earrings, layer necklaces, earrings, and are some of the trending accessories we've been seeing on runways, on the street, and the big fashion trend - technology monster social media.

This year, jewelry is taking over the accessory market. Every day there are new styles that we see online, they're breathtaking! At MOBILESTYLES, we created an Editor's List with the hottest jewelry for summer.

The Name or Initial Necklace

This style of necklace is not only trending this summer, but also all year round.  There's nothing better than a cute, delicate, fine piece of personalized jewelry for yourself or as a present. Mix it with your other necklaces, because layering necklaces is super HOT. Yes! This trend is still IN.

Ankle Bracelets

They are back, and we couldn’t be happier about it. They are boho and sexy. It's the perfect accessory for a beach day.  


Set of Ankle Bracelets

SeaShell Jewelry

Seashell is without a doubt the #1 jewelry trend for summer. If you don’t have it yet in your closet, get yourself a seashell necklace or a pair of earrings. You better start looking for your perfect pair because they are one of the hottest trends in accessories. Get a mix between a natural seashell and gold jewelry.

Crystal Drop Earrings

They shine like diamonds. They are sexy, elegant, and glamorous. It's simply the perfect accessory for a night out this summer.


Pearls are back! But don’t worry about the new styles, they are nowhere near your grandmother's collection. Our recommendation is to add some beautiful and modern ear cuff, hoops, rings, or a statement necklace.

Ear Cuff

This is the killer accessory of the year. Piercing ears are back the one holed ear is cute, but if you have more than one hole it is definitely hot. We know these piercings are not for everyone, that's why ear cuff is the coolest option for those of you who don’t want a second piercing in your ear.

80s Hearts

Luxury fashion houses like Balenciaga and Escada have shown us on their runways this lovely, romantic, but powerful trend, 80s Hearts! Show me the love with the most popular style, the chunky oversized earrings.  

Seven different jewelry trends, seven different styles. Which one is your favorite?  


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