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Manscaping for the Grooming-conscious Man

Manscaping for the Grooming-conscious Man

The modern man is prone to meticulous manscaping, which is trimming the hair on a man’s body for cosmetics. Welcome the era of groomed, manscaped men.


Photo Source: Unsplash

Gone are the days during the 1980s and 1990s when hairy beast males were “in.”

Manscaping doesn’t have to be painful. Getting your body hair under control sharpens your look and is a proven confidence builder. With so many great products on the market today designed specifically for removing body hair, the manscaping process can be easy and enjoyable, where the results are well worth the efforts.

When it comes to the area below the belt, save the stubble. Less than one inch of hair is ideal. For your legs and arms, you may want to completely shave the hair, leave a small growth of hair or trim the hair. Bushy leg and arm hair are passé, but underarm hair adds a touch of sensual masculinity. If you must remove underarm hair, don’t shave or wax it away completely. A light scissor trim is all you need.

When removing back hair, you’ll need the assistance of a professional. Let a Mobile Styles pro barber and groomer remove your unwanted back hair, generally with a good waxing. Mobile Styles experts will man you up by trimming the hair down in no time! Trimmers and razors work as well, but waxing the hair, even with the pain, is the best way to go to ensure the unwelcomed back hair doesn’t grow in quickly.

A full set of chest hair is no longer the rage, nor is a completely shaved chest the sexiest way to go. Trimming the hair to where there is a slight bit of hair in the chest area that says “I’m a manly, well-groomed male” is the best bet for a sensual, sexy, healthy look.


Photo Source: Unsplash

When it comes to the face, facial hair is in! Big time! Not long, scraggly beards, but well trimmed facial stubble, goatees, and manicured mustaches give off a vibe of confidence and masculinity! Adding a spritz of a gloriously scented cologne after you’ve showered tops off your macho appearance wherein the facial hair department, less is definitely more.

If you’re one of the few remaining men on the planet who’s yet to step into the world of manscaping, give it a try! When you pay attention to how you look, people will pay more attention to you!

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