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10 Instagram Fitness and Diet Pages You Should Know About

10 Instagram Fitness and Diet Pages You Should Know About!

What should you eat? What workouts should you do in the gym? Check out these fitness and diet pages on IG that you need to be following.


It can get a little confusing. I’ve even seen people throw in the towel and say forget it. That shouldn’t be the case. Everyone deserves to live a healthy life, and these Instagram accounts are a good place to start when it comes to getting the skinny on what makes up a healthy lifestyle!

Kayla Itsines (@kaylaitsines)

Kayla may just be the most popular Instagram fitness influencer in social media, but either way, she has made it her business, quite literally, to help people improve their bodies. Her relentless motivation and on-the-go fitness app continue to inspire others to reach for exactly what they want in life and in health!


Tone it Up (@toneitup)

These spunky and down-to-earth ladies have made getting toned and healthy fun with their fitness app and nutrition guide. They cater to women who want to live life with other women who are encouraged to do more and be more for themselves and those around them. If you are a girl who wants and needs more community on their fitness journey, then these girls may just be the answer to those prayers.

Lisa Lanceford (@lisafiit)

At first, her stunning physique catches your eye and then as you scroll down, you see that she works hard for that physique and has dedicated her life to helping people do the same. She offers straightforward exercises and moves to help you achieve the body you've always wanted.

Mankofit (@massy.arias)

Massy Arias makes fitness look good! She inspires mothers, fathers, women, and men to train smarter and feed their bodies the best they can. If you are into supplements, she has her own company, TruSupplements, which feature products safe for breastfeeding mothers!


The Earth Diet (@ttheearthdiet)

The Earth Diet is a holistic approach to the way we eat and fuel our bodies. The Instagram page is full of inspiration and tips. But what makes it better is that they have a book you can purchase to get yourself on track when it comes to living a healthy life and choosing healthy foods for yourself and your family.

The Diet Therapist - Maria Mekhael (

Maria Mekhael makes dieting look like it's not a diet at all and that’s in part because she makes eating healthy look delicious and fun. She shares valuable information about common misconceptions in the food and fitness world and offers services that can help you and your family eat better.

Anti-Diet Food Lover - Samantha Halpern (@samantha.halpern)

Her Instagram handle says it all “anti-diet food lover.” We can all relate to that. Her mission is to help people heal their relationship with food and set out on a course of healthy eating. Her advice is priceless and you can even check out those she has helped on her page!

Megan Bray (@meganbray_dietitian)

Did you ever have a page you just love looking at? This is it. She shows her audience that balance is key when it comes to eating well. As she so eloquently put in her post of a delicious cake, it's not about cutting out foods you love, it's about adding more plant-based foods on a frequent basis. She serves up these little nuggets of wisdom along with some advice on ditching all of the self-sabotaging things we do to ourselves that get in the way of our progress.


Alexa Lettuce (@alexalettuce)

Thank goodness for vegan options! This Instagram page welcomes all diets but offers vegan-friendly inspiration to all. This is the page you visit when you need to get in more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet!

Hourglass Workout (@hourglassworkout)

Calling all curves! This Instagram page is your gateway to building a curvier body by adding lean muscle to your physique and shedding the unnecessary weight to reveal the beautiful curves underneath. You can find both diet and exercise plans here that cater to all kinds of diets. Lyzabeth Lopez, Fitness trainer, holistic nutritionist, and the curator of this program is a product of her product, and she holds nothing back when giving you all of her secrets to success!

These programs and influencers all come from the same mindset it seems. They want to see people doing better, taking control of their lives, and living to the fullest.



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