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What Exactly Does this Hairbrush Do Hairbrushes Explained

What Exactly Does this Hairbrush Do? Hairbrushes, Explained

Hair can be our most prized possession these days. It’s more than the hair on our heads. It's the statement we make to the world about our style.

Whether you like to wear a sleek ponytail, a beachy blowout, or a chic bob, you have to know what brush suits your needs. Selecting the right tools for a cool hairstyle can mean the difference between disaster and a work of art. 

When it comes to selecting a brush, you need to be aware of the bristles as well as the design of the brush head. Each type of brush has its own function. It's the age-old saying, “structure meets function.” Take a look at your favorite brushes below! Are you using your brush the right way?


Paddle Brush

This may be the most popular hairbrush. Its wide body is good for taming wet or dry and often used when blowdrying. This brush is the brush that everyone should have in their haircare arsenal!

Thermal Brush

The thermal brush is used to straighten and keep the hair from getting tangled in the process. There are even some brands who boast of their particular brush drying the hair in the process as well.

Cushion Brush

The cushion brush, the most popular being the Denman brush, is great for curly, straight, wavy, or coily hair. Not only does it have the capacity to style your hair, but it also works to smooth frizzy hair.


Round Brush

This is the most popular brush for blowouts! It smoothes the hair and leaves a slight bend to a full curl in the hair depending on how you wield it. It also gives the hair fullness and volume as it separates the strands with each stroke.

Detangling Brush

This brush works to detangle wet or dry hair without breakage. The silicone bristles are even good to use on the most tender-headed children. I recommend getting one with a handle. Some of the most popular ones were made to fit in the palm of your hand, but when the hair is wet holding on may pose a little bit of a challenge.


Curved Brush

This brush’s function may come to many as a surprise because, at first glance, it looks more decorative than anything. The reason for the curved head on the brush is to evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils throughout the hair and scalp.

Mixed Boar Bristle Brush

Get shiny and detangled hair with a mix of synthetic and boar bristles. This brush is best used on dry hair because of the state of the bristles. You wouldn’t want to snap your wet hair in the middle of the strand. 

Smoothing Brush

The smoothing brush does just that. It smoothes the hair and puts it in place for a ponytail, bun, or braid. It gives you a sleek finish with a lot of shine and without missing a single strand!image

Tiny Boar Bristle Brush

Taming flyaways and baby hair just got a little bit easier with this teeny little brush. It is pretty much used for finishing a style and creating a crown of baby hair to frame your face.

Vented Brush

This is the go-to brush for blowdryer styling when you are short on time. The gaps in the design head allow for the easy distribution of heat throughout the strands from the scalp down.

The mystery of brushes has met its match with this list. If you are in the market for a new brush, take this list with you!


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