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The Shower Skincare Routine that will have You Glowing

The Shower Skincare Routine that will have You Glowing

After trying a large assortment of skincare products, I've learned that what's important is how to use them. Check out my shower skincare routine here!

Image by Bruce Mars with Unsplash 

Now, before I share my secrets, it's important to understand that while your routine may be working for you, it's good to switch it up here and there. It’s easy to get caught up in using the same body products, and some of you may say, “If it works, why stop?” 

For starters, it’s necessary that you are switching between using a cleanser and an exfoliator every few days, in order to maintain proper skin care balance. If you don’t switch up your products, your skin can start to get used to your routine, and eventually, the products will no longer be as effective.

Image by Tadeusz Lakota with Unsplash 

Face exfoliation and cleansing

The debate between which step comes first - exfoliating or cleansing - is a big one in the beauty industry. Both arguments are valid, and in the end, it truly comes down to personal preference, as well as skin type. So, I have come to the conclusion that as long as both are in your shower and they are being used regularly, you’re good to go.

But if you’re looking for more direction than that, try switching between the two every few days, and you’ll start to feel the benefits of both. Make sure, however, that you’re paying attention to your skin because exfoliating your face too often can dry it out pretty quickly. Reading the directions of your exfoliator to see the recommended usage is a good start. If you feel like you need to exfoliate more often, you can experiment by adding an extra day during the week to see how your skin feels. If you feel as if your skin is drying out, take a step back from exfoliation.

For cleanser, Mario Badescu Cleansing Enzyme Gel is an amazing product. It’s light on the skin but does the trick. For days when you want to exfoliate, I would use the Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant. Simply sprinkle the powder into your cleanser and mix it up onto your face and voila, you’re golden!

Image by Holger Link with Unsplash

The body wash

I have tried just about every type of body wash out there. From moisturizing body wash, a bar of soap, and various forms of body scrubs, I have finally discovered that it’s not WHAT you’re using, it’s how.

Starting with the soaps and moisturizers... the best way to use these products is with a loofah, washcloth, or shower brush. Without something that will gently scrub the skin, you won’t be removing dirt or dead skin cells as effectively, which can, in turn, cause clogged pores.

Body scrubs don’t require a second item (or scrubber), and simply do the work for you. Between the oils and the grains within the scrub, you are moisturizing, removing dead skin cells and dirt, and, best of all, they help remove the appearance of cellulite! I’d recommend using C & The Moon Malibu Made Body Scrub. It smells heavenly, and the oils in it make your skin feel and look beyond silky. 

Either way, make sure the water you’re showering in is hot so your pores can open up and really get the best of your beauty products.

Image by Matthew Tkocz with Unsplash 

It’s in the details

Not everyone knows about the fact that hair removal and lip care can be extremely important parts of your daily shower routine. There are thousands of products out there that can help with ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Try using a loofah and some gentle soap or body scrub to buff over delicate skin and remove dead skin cells. Fur creates products specifically for this use, and they sell a variety of items that help keep your pores clean, smooth and hydrate the skin, and remove dead skin cells.

As for lip care, I have had issues with chapped lips forever until I started using lip scrubs. These shower products remove dead skin and heal chapped skin while hydrating your lips throughout the day. Lip scrubs are an absolute gamechanger and will make that smile shine.


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