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Travel Hacks to Always Look Fabulous

Travel Hacks to Always Look Fabulous

Traveling can make your skin oily or dry. It can cause breakouts and blemishes, and it can even be harsh on your hair.


Image by Element5 with Unsplash 

Between short stays at hotels, long car or plane rides, little time to attend to your regular beauty routine, and the oh so awful chance that you forgot your products, it only makes sense that travel can cause fatigue all around. 

But worry not my fellow readers, for I am about to provide you with a list of travel hacks that you’ve been searching for. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll not only be looking fabulous, but you might be adding a few to your everyday hustle.  


Image by Elaine Tu with Unsplash

Before travel

Before you head off on your next work trip, or hopefully vacation in the sunshine, make sure you have covered all the bases of products you’ll need. Try to avoid buying travel shampoo & conditioner, and instead fill travel bottles with your regular salon product... this goes for face wash and lotion too. If you’re going to be in a different climate, or find yourself swimming in the ocean, make sure to pack a hair mask that will keep those shiny strands moisturized. Also, if you can, leave the hairdryer and straightener at home and give your hair a heat break your hair will thank you.

Oh, and if you’re really looking for a travel hack item, get yourself a silk pillowcase. The damage that pillowcases can do to hair is pretty gnarly, but the silk pillowcase reduces breakage and keeps you cool throughout the night.


Image by Robert Bye with Unsplash

During travel

This part of your adventure can be the most damaging on your skin and hair, so make sure you come prepared. Between the change in elevation and temperatures to different air qualities, there are multiple factors that can play into making you look and feel fatigued. To avoid this, pack items such as a jade roller to decrease the bloating in your face, an eye mask and eye cream to help with under eye circles (also, the mask helps block out the light of the annoying person with their window shade up), hand lotion to avoid cracks and a reusable water bottle. I cannot stress this enough... drink water constantly, even when you’re not thirsty. This will help flush out all the toxins that add up in your body, and it’s good for keeping skin clear. 


Image by Element5 with Unsplash

After travel

Just because you have arrived at your destination, does not mean your travel beauty routine is over, my friend. Luckily, your work is done and MOBILESTYLES can take over from here. MOBILESTYLES is the leading on-demand health and beauty app that gives you the option to have a professional of your choice come to you and provide the services you need. I would highly recommend after a day (or week) of travel, that you use the MOBILESTYLES App to get a facial, manicure, and/or hair treatments. This way you have a professional making sure you are good to go after your exciting travel adventures. Plus, this way, you don’t have to deal with trying to find a reliable salon... we all know how that goes.


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