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The Hottest Makeup Looks to Try this Summer

The Hottest Makeup Looks to Try this Summer

Summer! Most of everyone’s favorite season is here. Longer days, an abundance of sunshine, and vacations galore.

Summer is a time to de-stress and enjoy life. No matter what is on your agenda, beauty and fashion matter. Summer's more chill and slower pace still includes taking time to look your best. With warmer weather, less makeup in summer works wonders. Leave dramatic, heavier cosmetics for winter. The makeup goal for summer is light, airy, and youthful.


Photo Source: Unsplash

One great makeup look for summer is bronze blush and a nude lip. The bronze shade of blush will give your complexion a warm, just laid out at the beach look, while a nude lip color always looks natural. This combination leaves you with a glowy, dewy finish.  Another simple, but perfect, makeup look to keep in mind this summer is a light, shimmering eyeshadow or cream shadow.

In the summertime, you still want to wear eyeliner and mascara, as these two are essential to make your eyes pop. What you want to avoid is applying heavy, dramatic makeup. Eyeliner tends to run if it gets too hot. So, instead of applying dark, heavy eyeliner, simply put a tinge of eyeliner for a hazy, smeared look. This way the eyeliner is thin enough to stay on but looks more natural for a hot summer day.


Photo Source: Unsplash

No matter what makeup looks you choose for the summer, using waterproof formulas is a good way to go. With body heat and high temperatures, make sure to use waterproof makeup! Some waterproof cosmetics can even hold up in a swimming pool or in the ocean.

For a final summer touch, the wet hair look is fabulous. Wet hair looks sexy and fun! With lighter makeup and the wet head look, you’ll be beautiful and ready for all your time spent in the sun.

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