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Top 5 SoCal Vegan Desserts Spots Yoursquore Missing Out On

Top 5 SoCal Vegan Desserts Spots You’re Missing Out On!

Vegan life has made its mark here in Southern California, and who doesn't love a good sweet treat? These are our favorite SoCal vegan dessert spots!

Sugar is vegan. Many non-vegans are actually surprised by the tasty culinary masterpieces that come out of a vegan kitchen. Well if you’re shocked by the vegan dishes you see now, be prepared to have your jaw hit the floor when it comes to these delectable desserts!


Madame Sugah’s

If you have not heard about this woman, I just want to say I am sorry in advance. I have never tasted ice cream like this even in the dairy form. She literally breaks the mold with her dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream sandwiches and milkshakes. She even does a vegan flan milkshake (in partnership with Vegatinos, an authentic vegan Mexican pop-up food stand). When I tell you her treats have raised the bar, it’s not an exaggeration! Check it out for yourselves. 

Donut Friend

Another vegan phenom. Who doesn’t love donuts? When you taste them, you won’t believe that it’s a vegan donut. They have a variety of flavors, and you literally can’t just have one. They have a sort of artisanal feel (and artisanal price point), but the payoff in flavor is well worth it! I usually order by the box full! 


Your Vegan Friend

This place does more than desserts, but it makes the list because the desserts are just so dang good. The Guava cheese pastries are something to write home about! If you’re a pastry kind of person, then this is a pit stop you want to make! 

Cup My Cakez

This is a big fat yes on the vegan dessert front. The cupcake is small but mighty, and this brand takes things to a new level. The cupcakes are just good. Check out their Instagram page. They even make wedding cakes! 

Air and Day

Speaking of pastries, this place makes a mean donut puff. I had it in a collab with Madame Shugah’s ice cream. I had a strawberry shortcake donut puff, and I nearly fell off my seat. 

If you are in the SoCal area and in the mood for a sweet treat, I highly recommend any of these places for a pit stop. Even if you are skeptical about vegan foods, I’m sure that any of these places will make you a believer!


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