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10 Deadly Sins of Dating in LA

10 Deadly Sins of Dating in LA

The dating scene is the biggest complaint people have about LA. If you're having bad luck, you may be committing one of the deadly sins of dating in LA.


How can you live in one of the most beautiful places with the most beautiful people and be ALONE? Well, it’s simple. You may be breaking all the rules. The good news is you can turn it around just like that. You may be doing a few things to shoot yourself in the foot.  

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the “please leave me alone” text, you may be guilty of one or more of these 10 deadly sins of dating in LA.

You are not consistent. 

Most people see this as a sign of disrespect, that you’re not serious or you are simply flakey. Nobody likes that.

You don’t give the other person space. 


You’re in LA. People are busy. Busy trying to make a living and following their dreams, or maybe they just work a lot. But stalking them won’t help. No one likes a borderline stalker. And speaking of…

You are a borderline stalker. 

You ever text someone back to back to back? Yea… that’s a no-no. You look like a stage five clinger, and no one wants that.

You are into yourself (way into yourself). 

If you dominate the conversation with a bunch of stuff about you, you’ll never get another date. No one wants to be on a date with someone only interested in themselves. 

You’re judgmental. 

Face it. You live in the land of actors, musicians, and other entertainment industry professionals. Everyone has their dreams, and no one wants their date to rain on their parade. They get enough of that in their chosen career.

You won’t take no for an answer. 

No means no. If they don’t want to date you, leave it at that. Move on.

You don’t follow up after a good date. 

This city moves way too fast for you to think a great person will wait for you. If you’ve found a good one, work to make “it” work.

You have wandering eyes. 


AKA you’re a player. The worst thing you can do is waste anyone’s time, especially in LA. We are all building the life we want, and if you aren’t ready to move in that direction with one person, then kindly move on.

You’re not upfront about your current situation. 

No one likes a liar… in any city. But it seems that LA folks are super sensitive about deceitful behavior. We live in the land of acceptance. If you have to lie, then you may want to make sure you’re not lying to yourself about being ready to date.

Maybe the deadliest of them all… You’re close-minded.

LA prides itself on being open and progressive in their thinking as a collective. If you are fixed in a certain mindset, you can’t grow, and LA is always about change, transformation, and innovation. The people are the same. We like to explore different things like cultures, foods, and ideas. Get on board or get left behind.


These are some of the biggest complaints I’ve heard when it comes to dating in the lovely city of angels. The key to being a good date and experiencing a good date is to be the opposite of all the things listed above. And here’s a bonus…

You can’t expect to find Mr. or Ms. Right sitting on your couch. 

Get up. Get out. And live! You’ll find the right person if you just put yourself out there. If you just go about your life, doing the things you are interested in, the right person may unexpectedly show up!


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