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5 Brutally Honest Things No One Tells You About Datingnbsp

5 Brutally Honest Things No One Tells You About Dating 

Dating can be a beautiful, but also a pain, especially when people aren't who you think they are. Here are 5 brutally honest things about dating.


Half of the “non-Peter Pan” people are waiting until their careers take off. Ugh! It can all be a big mess. So what do most people do? Turn to dating apps and a lot of the times those can be a headache as well. You start talking to someone. It’s going well. And then you find out that either they haven’t been totally honest about who they were, or it’s just not clicking like you thought it would.

I’m here to tell you, things can be so much worse, trust me. Maybe all you need is a little road map to steer clear of the crazy and find your person! I’ve learned a lot in this city, and I feel obliged to share it with everyone looking for more than Mr. (or Ms.) Right Now.

Dating is for both parties!

Don’t be selfish! You’re not the only one at the table, you know! If you can’t be selfless for a moment to see things from another’s point of view, you aren't ready to date at least seriously.


Be real.

Don’t put on a front or send your “salesperson self” on the date. The quicker you show them who you are, learn who they truly are, and wait, this is the important part, how they respond to who you are, the better off you’ll be and the more time you’ll save if it’s not a match.

The party who asks for the date needs to plan the date. 


If the other person cares about impressing you, they will listen to the things you like and plan accordingly. It doesn’t need to be an interrogation. It's as simple as paying attention to the little things. If that’s you ask yourself questions like these. What did they say they like to do with their friends? What kind of activities have they always wanted to do? Is the person adventurous? Take them ATVing, for example.  

If that person doesn’t want you to meet anyone in their life, it’s for a reason. 

It’s not because they want to stay in the love bubble, it’s because there is no love bubble at least on their end.

Which leads me to this...

If you feel the person is hiding something, they usually are. 

We are given instincts for a reason. If you feel something is going on and you can’t let it go, ask them about it or walk away. And another thing, if you decide to accept whatever issue the other person has or is dealing with, don’t bring it up as if it’s a problem later. It’s a waste of time. Things won’t change. And that person will see that you were too immature to say how you really felt in the beginning. You look like you have no clue who you are and what you want.


Have you ever thought about any of these things? These little things come up all too often in dating situations and it's important to nip them in the bud. You can save yourself a lot of headaches and heartache by making sure you get things going on the right foot!


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